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I have one and I love it.

I use it with the OpenELEC operating system to give me an XBMC media centre setup. I use it exclusively for this purpose. I purchased a $3 IR receiver off eBay and use a remote control with it, although if you use your Pi with an HDMI display you can use a CEC remote with no extra configuration.

You can also use the default Raspbian OS and use it as a Debian system. I was thinking about getting another and using it as a file server.

Great little unit! And it can be overclocked to up to 1 GHz without frying it.
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The Soc in the Pi actually has hardware acceleration for video so that it is why it is better at displaying video than an Atom based PC that may be much faster.

I have three of them and have been playing around with RaspBMC, I want to try using one as a PBX and the other as a temperature logger/sensor in my wine cabinet.
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I have one since the beginning of 2013 and playin around with Openelec, Raspbmc and Xbian media center video playback from my NAS is pretty good actually, interesting device.
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Originally Posted by snowman53 View Post
I have had mine for 6 months or so and just ordered a couple more....

3) Using the Analog audio out has a number a issues - the worst is clicking/popping when the audio is stopped/started. For example between tracks, when jumping forward or back during video playback, etc. There are a few work arounds but I have not been able to make any of them work. (And I am a pretty experienced geek). There is also seems to be a lot of noise on the output. These appear to be hardware related issues not related to XMBC. The HDMI sound works great, but I hate to leave the TV on when listening to music.
Sounds pretty negative, but all in all I like it enough to have ordered two more!
I am pleased to report that the last time I booted Raspbmc it auto updated to release 12.1 (about 10 minutes) which fixed the Analog audio clicking/popping ! Very smooth now :-) FLAC audio sounds superb.

As well YouTube and TED at 720p are flawless and CPU seems to be running at 25-30%(this may be the fast internet I have this week).

The user interface seems smoother but you can still outrun it.
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If you go on the net with it, can it play netflix programming?

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Not easily since you can't really get Netflix on any Linux distro without someone like Wine due to DRM issues (all of the OSes for the Pi are Linux variants). But you can get around this for SD content if you use Playon. And there is supposed to be an Android OS under development for the Pi that should work, if this Android version is ever released.
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Originally Posted by Danster View Post
If you go on the net with it, can it play netflix programming?
Sort of...

You could try Raspbmc.

You'd need an iDevice to stream from but it would do what you are asking about.
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Ok, so last night I got to jonesing for some old time arcade action

then it dawned on me:

you could probably build a really awesome MAME machine out of a pi

I've found a couple of arcade machine plans, but I have one question about the pi

does it (or can you make it) behave kinda like a PC in that when it powers down, it shuts a monitor down as well?

ie, when it stops sending video signal, the monitor will go into power save mode

EDIT: and 5 seconds extra of googling finds a million projects like this already, including some kickstarter lol
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There is no power button so the video signal stays on after you shutdown the OS down until you physically unplug the power of the Pi. Once you do that, I believe the monitor goes into standby.
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Depending, on your perspective, that is good or bad.

For me, it would be good, in that it would give me a hardware project to make a power controller.
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My rPi arrioved last Wednesday. I can't say that I had a real application for it in mind. It was more of "let's see what this thing can do and go from there". I found an old 8GB SD card, a USB keyboard and mouse, an HDMI cable and an HDMI/DVI adapter to plug into a monitor and started playing.

I first loaded raspian onto it to try things out. I was a bit disappointed but not entirely surprised with how slow it was just loading a web page. From there I moved onto Raspbmc. The UI was sluggish compared to my Atom HTPC but video playback (including HD) was flawless.

I bought a new 16GB SD card and reloaded Raspbmc on it and that's when my problems started. Scraping was glacially slow. And after a few hours the rPi would often go to a black screen and I'd have to pull the plug. Sometimes when I reapplied the power nothing would happen. Then I discovered that the XBMC database files were being corrupted. After trying to recover from that a few times I was a bit discouraged.

I finally turned on debug logging in XBMC and noticed continuous CEC polling timeouts. That made sense; since the monitor didn't have an HDMI plug it certainly didn't know about CEC. I turned that off and the scraping performance improved. Dramatically! But I was still getting database corruption and decided to go back to the original 8GB card. rPi has a long list of reported compatible and incompatible hardware and the 16GB card I was using had been reported to be both compatible and incompatible.

With CEC turned off Raspbmc on the 8GB SD card seems quite stable and not nearly as slow as it was with CEC turned on. It's not a speed demon by any stretch; I don't have a huge library (a few hundreds of items, not thousands) and it's taken 14 hours so far to do the original library update. I expect it'll take several more hours before its done. Once that's done I'm going to use it for awhile as a secondary HTPC and see how that goes. Now that I've got the CEC issue out of the way and seem to have an SD card that the rPi is happy with, I'm hopeful.

The CPU temperature is stable around 55C, and that's with being run continuously at close to 100% CPU usage since last evening. That's quite good. Overall I'm extremely impressed with the rPi. I've had the expected teething problems that are associated with just plunging in and seeing what happens, but other than that it's been exceptionally trouble free. The SD card compatibility issue is a bit of a concern, especially since it appears that a card can *mostly* work and only manifest problems that can be mistaken for application errors. But once you've got a working card it's rock solid.

The next question is, what with I do with my *second* rPi?
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Can you tell us how you turned off this CEC poling I may have experienced the same symptoms as you at one point.
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From memory (and I'll double check later when I get home): Settings -> System -> Input Devices -> Peripherals. Click on the only item in the peripherals list (at least for me it was the only one) and unclick Enabled.

If you want to check first that you're seeing the same polling timeouts that I was, ssh into your rPi and

cd .xbmc/temp
tail -f xbmc.log

You'll see polling timeouts every second or two if CEC is on and (so I'm guessing) can't communicate with your monitor/TV.
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Awesome thx!
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post #45 of 48 (permalink) Old 2013-04-17, 09:11 PM
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You're quite welcome. I checked tonight when I got home and my memory appears to have been correct.
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