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I know I already mentioned this above, and you chose to purse it anyway, but I'll say it again. Attempting to limit his service through router settings is a terrible idea.

If he is using file sharing services, then only way to keep him under 60GB per month is to severely reduce his connection speed. If my math is correct, in order to guarantee that he not go over your limit, you would need to set his maximum combined upload and download speed to less than 200 kbps (eg 150 kbps down and 50 kbps up), which would effectively render his internet unusable for anything but light web browsing, and that is assuming nobody else is using your internet at all. You may as well just cut him off outright; at least then he has a chance to subscribe to a full service.

There is absolutely nothing abnormal or extraordinary about using 180GB per month. It is on the higher end of use, without question, but it is easy to reach that point with only normal, legal internet use. I have reached that in the past just by watching a few hours of HD Netflix each night or a few hours of The usage alone should not be any reason to suspect this individual of illegal or illicit activity. Nor should it be any concern that his usage might be significantly affecting other users in your area because it's not, and even if it were that is the ISP's concern, not yours. Nor is their anything remotely at risk with "society at large;" the mere idea is ludicrous. Using a lot of internet bandwidth is not unhealthy or concerning.

Obviously this is not a tenable situation for your landlord, but attempting to regulate this individual is a bad idea. If he is unwilling or unable to regulate himself, and the landlord is unwilling or unable to change your plan or ISP, then the solution is to have this individual subscribe to their own connection.

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If I were the tenant

and I lost some of the "perks" that I was promised or that had been allowed to exist I would be contacting the rental tribunal (or whatever it is called) and asking for a rent decrease or restitution.
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I have to agree that this thread is getting out of hand. My mind was blown when I first read it a couple days ago and it is only getting worse. I understand you want to help your landlord out, but you do not have the knowledge to do so on a technical level and the information you are finding online is either inaccurate or hurtful to your burgeoning "network specialist career" that you seem to be chasing. Not everyone has this knowledge and that is fine, but you are ignoring the people that do have good advice and latching on to random sentaces that you shouldn't be. On top of the fact that this is not even a technical problem and does not require a technical solution.

The fact that the tenant uses 180GB/mo. is not the problem. The fact that his overage is costing your landlord an extra $60/mo. is. As mentioned previously, switching to another provider who offers an unlimited monthly plan or at least 200GB/mo. is the best option. This of course assumes that providing internet service to a third-party is an acceptable use under the landlord's ISP's terms of use policy (it is not under Rogers and Bell is kind of ambiguous in their wording). Otherwise (and if this use does not violate the ISP policy), approaching the tenant to increase their rent by the overage is the next best option and can be done at any time as long as both parties agree to the increase. Cutting the user of from the service and having the tenant provide their own is the final option.

What hasn't been stated so far is whether internet service was listed in the rental agreement as a service to be provided as part of the rent as was signed by both parties. If it wasn't, then the landlord can cut the tenant off with no concern. If it was, the Residential Tenancies Act of 2006 has this to say about cutting off the tenant's service:

Reduction in services
130. (1) A tenant of a rental unit may apply to the Board for an order for a reduction of the rent charged for the rental unit due to a reduction or discontinuance in services or facilities provided in respect of the rental unit or the residential complex. 2006, c. 17, s. 130 (1).

...(section 2 applies to former tenants)...

Order re lawful rent
(3) The Board shall make findings in accordance with the prescribed rules and may order,

(a) that the rent charged be reduced by a specified amount;
(b) that there be a rebate to the tenant of any rent found to have been unlawfully collected by the landlord;
(c) that the rent charged be reduced by a specified amount for a specified period if there has been a temporary reduction in a service. 2006, c. 17, s. 130 (3).

(4) An order under this section reducing rent takes effect on the day that the discontinuance or reduction first occurred. 2006, c. 17, s. 130 (4).

Same, time limitation
(5) No application may be made under this section more than one year after a reduction or discontinuance in a service or facility. 2006, c. 17, s. 130 (5).
I'm not a lawyer, but having just read through the act; this seems to be the section that best applies. Have the landlord contact a lawyer before acting and offer the option to decrease the rent up front so that the board does not need to get involved. In any case, this really is the final option. Attempting to use technical measures that you really do not know how to use is not a good option, ever. If your landlord is concerned about souring the relationship with the tenant by approaching them for my 2nd best or final options, (s)he shouldn't be; the tenant has already accomplished this by not acting appropriately when approached the first time.

Re-reading the thread, you state internet service was not listed in the agreement. "Possibly might be" is not a promise, nor would it have been included if the landlord had had the agreement checked by a lawyer (always have it checked by a lawyer!). Cut the tenant off as a last measure and don't worry about it as long as it wasn't added to the agreement after the fact.
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Lots of free bad legal advice here ;-)

Perhaps he has a Netflix account, landlord is paying for the net and he gets all he can watch for $7.99.

Many moons ago when I rented the landlord tried to hit me with the electricity bill when I left the property, in fact he decided to keep my last months rent. Sadly for him the agreement said 'all utlities were included'. Small claims sorted that out.

Bottom line ask this dude what he is doing to ratchet up the usage, see what he says, if no change implement your counter measures (within the law).
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I think this thread has run its course. You have a lot of suggestions, time to close this thread, IMO anyways.
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Is it even legal to share an internet connection in this way? If this was cable can you share it amongst several different tenants? Isn't that stealing cable and how is this any different for internet?
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I feel this thread has lost its course, and also should be closed, as this thread has nothing to do with stealing cable/internet, The OP was only looking for answers with regards on how to limit the usage in terms of speed and amount of bandwidth this individual was using.

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OP - Original Post/er...hahaha

This thread is pointless, and the discussion has been dragged on pointlessly.

Increase his rent, and ignore his usage. Someone limiting me, would piss me off. OP needs to grow up, and act like a landlord.

I'm with m3repair.

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Rents are controlled and cannot be raised in some regions, like Ontario. The "landlord" made a stupid agreement by offering free internet. He may even be on the hook for an extra account if this gets back to the ISP. Due to the landlord's actions, basically nothing can be done about the internet usage or extra cost by limiting the tenant's internet access. Doing so is only going to put the landlord in a worse position than he is now. As already stated, the cost issue can be addressed by switching ISPs.

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Are you sure that this is a landlord/tenant arrangement where a entire suite is being rented rather than a share accommodation sort of arrangement where the "landlord" is just renting a room to the tenant?

Because if it is the latter I don't think Rogers would take issue with this person using the Internet or watching TV on the same account as the landlord if it's not legally a separate suite.
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Around here the landlord providing cable & wifi internet is pretty common.
Mostly around colleges and universities where students rent off campus
housing. Given they are usually dives, and charge 2-3 times what it's worth
(i.e on campus rate for a dump) it's the least they can do.

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Does anybody think we are being trolled?

This whole schtick of trying to sound polite and helpful (to the landlord) while not taking into account any of the good advice posted and occasionally making some pretty outrageous statements - smells too familiar.

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Originally Posted by Costa View Post
OP needs to grow up, and act like a landlord.
The OP has stated in multiple posts that he is not the landlord, only helping the landlord out.
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The OP - original poster - me - requests that the thread remain open still.

For some time yet.

May wish to share or discuss furthur or future happenings.

We are in the process of implementing some changes on our home net - and we want to see the results of those changes.

The OP also wishes to mention that this is no humour and NO "SCHTICK".

We're trying to solve a real issue - and we're not just "trying to sound polite".

We are actually trying to "BE Polite" and be patient and respectful of the individual regarding the issue.

We are reading and listening to the advice given.


Thanks. Bye for now.
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Good thing you are trying to be respectful and not violate the other person's privacy. All the spying and subversive comments would have suggested otherwise if you hadn't clarified that for us.

One can only imagine what it must be like for the tenant dealing with this, and further with the landlord who's getting his head filled with nonsense.
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