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Not sure about you, but I just read he has 1 tenant.
OP says he is not landlord so at least two tenants - him and the "hog".
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We're pretty sure it's GAMING and some VOIP - we hear it all in the user's room. And who knows ... maybe some or lots of Video Streaming.
As an aside, I just thought I would point out that gaming and VoIP use very little bandwidth. For instance, World of Warcraft typically sends less than 2KB/sec and receives less than 5KB/sec. VoIP bandwidth use depends on the provider and protocol. In my case I see VoIP traffic using about 20KB/sec (more or less).

So, unless he games while using VoIP all day every day these numbers don't add up to gigabytes of bandwidth.

Streaming video and P2P applications are the primary means of high bandwidth use. I just thought that I would let you know so that you don't go making accusations about "GAMING" and "VOIP" and look foolish.
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Yea I second that. He is probably downloading movies... while playing some Halo.
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Yes, thank you for the additional advice.

I have been doing some more reading and research on what different types of internet usage need / use in terms of bandwidth.

Gaming alone does not seem to be a big Kb/s - Kilobit per second - bandwidth user. ( but it seems to depend on alot of things - and can vary alot depending.)
[ ex. if you are HOSTING a video game application with multiple players - can use alot ]

VOIP / voice only - neither.

But VOIP / SKYPE Video Calling does use alot more.
Group Video Calling - ex. 3 callers - might use some more.

Or it could be Video Streaming and/or uploading/downloading large files.

[ hard to know exactly the type of usage exactly ]

I can confirm the individual is Playing Game(s) while Talking with others live at the same time. Talking, presumably, with another player, playing the same game, at the same time.

So - probably some combined multiple application usage.

I think you are correct about that one.

And - we feel confident - day in / day out / for many hours. Long term continual usage.

Originally Posted by DrakeMap
He is probably downloading movies... while playing some Halo
That sounds correct. I might be able to add Video Chatting with other player / friend at same time.

No matter - the large usage itself is the issue.

Thank you all for advice.
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I can confirm the individual is Playing Game(s) while Talking with others live at the same time. Talking, presumably, with another player, playing the same game, at the same time.
What are you doing, standing outside the guy's door at night?

This is very creepy.
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It's loud. Easily heard through place. Late at night, very early in the morning, when it is usually quiet. All strange hours. Individual has some sort of sound system too, attached to computer, with some deep BASS - which travels. Talks loud, out loud, with other individual on the other end of the conversation and/or video call.

Sorry ... but I will have to disagree with you.

We are not the creepy ones in this situation.

Ya it is creepy - but not us.

It is somewhat disruptive and disturbing behaviour too - for someone else trying to sleep at those late hours.

As I mentioned - there are other "issues" going on - not just massive internet usage.

And that too adds to the "creepyness".

Not just "creepyness" - but other *REAL* issues that are affecting us.
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I think you have a lot off good suggestions here. And if it is as bad as you are saying, IMO, he should be cut completely from the internet. At least until he can better respect the other people living in that house. I have a question, since you are not the owner, are you allowed to do any of these changes on the router? Your posts are a little vague on this.
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I am assisting and advising the owner.

The owner has mentioned the "issue" to me, and the strong desire to resolve it. I too have been aware of the issue for some time now - and agree with the owner's strong desire to solve it.

I am a fair bit better with the technical issues, so if the owner requests it, I will help make the necessary changes.

Since the owner is faced with paying the extra bill, the owner is very concerned about the issue.

I will help and assist to provide some possible ideas and solutions.

But the owner will be the one to decide how to handle it.

I do not believe the situation can continue like this in an on-going way.
Neither does the owner.

I believe we have been quite patient and understanding about the issue till now.

But if we let it continue it will only become more of an issue ... and more and more difficult to resolve it.

I hope we can resolve it satisfactorily without any ill feelings - for all concerned.
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If you are an ordinary tenant and hog is also, then you have no business 'assisting' the owner. Let the owner take care of his business, IMHO.
Why are we even discussing this illegal activity?
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Sounds like the "tenant" is running torrents 24/7. That could be a legal issue for the internet account holder (if it can be proved) but snooping can lead to privacy complaints. This is a sticky situation unless the internet access is in writing. The tenant could claim anything. The $60 overage fee is also an issue but probably pales in comparison to possible legal ramifications from (soon to be) illegal internet downloads. Switching to an ISP with higher caps may solve the extra costs but doesn't solve other issues. I suggest the landlord evict the tenant on noise issues and not provide internet to future tenants.

The "landlord" could limit torrent protocols using the router. DD-WRT and Tomato can accomplish this with QOS but it's not an obvious setting in the configuration. I suggest this be done to limit legal repercussions, if nothing else. If the tenant is running something like a kiddy porn server, all heck could break loose.

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Other different issues - serious ones - not related to internet usage - are beginning to develop and show up with our "friend".

Trust me - it's not a great situation.

We have other concerns now - more serious ones - of a totally different nature.

Yes - thank you - all concerns mentioned here are valid - and I will discuss with owner.

It may be going in the direction that we are not able to share the internet with this individual.


That this individual might not be able to stay with us.

Not sure how it will play out.

But not looking good to me at this point.
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you could enable logging on your router if your router supports it. Then you can see where he is visiting all the time. Then just go into security setting and block that website/ip address for that PC. You should be able to get the specific IP address of your router for the tenant computer. Also if you think they are running torrents start blocking the most common ports that they run on and start blocking key words.. Just like setting up parental control for a router
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Blocking ports is not the answer since they can easily be changed. Blocking or limiting protocols may work but it's possible to circumvent just about any type of blocking attempt. If anything illegal can be proven, it's probably best to get the tenant out with a police escort. If not, give notice and change the locks on moving day.

At 20 I had a good mind. At 40 I had money. At 60 I've lost my mind and my money. Oh, to be 20 again. --Scary
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As the bits and pieces of this mystery have leaked out, it seems as follows:

You are a tenant sharing a home with another tenant, the property owner provides one Internet for both tenants. The Internet and router is in your dwelling. You hate the other tenant, preventing reasonable discourse. They probably can sense your hate, which may be causing them to be even less considerate of you. You have a slight amount of technical knowledge and you've been feeding info to the owner.

The owner doesn't want to go with 2 Internet services because even the $60 usage fee is cheaper than setting up and running both. But the not necessarily accurate info youre giving the owner has them worried about future cost increases or other consequences.

You are at the very least misinterpreting the usage characteristics of different activities, and the functionality of consumer routers. This misunderstanding could be making you more angry than you need to be and clouding your judgement, and perhaps leading to wrong info reaching the owner.

Who cares if an unemployed guy is playing games all day? That's not the true cause of the usage. It sounds like your real issue is with noise, or something else that you are being unnecessarily vague about. So why bring in the weird computer espionage angle? Deal with the true issue head on, whatever it is.

It sounds like you barely use Internet and "Hog" is the primary user. So what about this radical idea:

Reconfigure it so internet and router are on Hog's side, and have owner make Hog responsible for overages, or better yet, have Hog own the subscription. The extra $60 or more may influence Hog to leave, or change activities, or they may simply pay it, in either case it's not your problem.
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I can't speak to your other issues with the tenant, since you haven't told us what they are and they probably aren't relevant to the discussion.

However, I think all this discussion about blocking ports and logging his info is a little excessive. You have given us no reason to believe he is doing anything remotely illegal. There are plenty of perfectly legal and ethical ways to use hundreds of gigabytes per month. More likely is that he's doing something a little less ethical and legal, like pirating media. However, the cops aren't going to haul him to jail for downloading some movies.

Dealing strictly with the internet, you pretty much have three options. Option one is to deal with it on an internet service level. This means one of paying overages, subscribing to a business line, or switching to an ISP with unlimited or a higher cap.

Option 2 is to deal with it on a router level. You could play the cat and mouse game of blocking ports, but that's difficult, and it sounds like he likely has you trumped on technical skills, and can probably get around that pretty easily. Your best bet is to invest in a second router with the capability of throttling his connection to a lower speed, but even that might not solve the problem without rendering his internet unusable. Honestly, option 2 is a complicated mess likely to end in more friction between yourselves and this tenant, and I'd recommend against it.

Your third option is to address this on a user level. You should probably start by speaking to him, but if that doesn't work or if you don't want to do that, you can cut him off and force him to subscribe to his own service. Unfortunately, that will require the involvement of the owner as his new ISP will have to come and set up internet for the premises. This option would require the landlord and tenant to cooperate. Of course, you could evict him too, but I'm assuming that isn't an option.

What this person does with their time, or what your other issues with them are isn't especially relevant to this issue. If you're planning on evicting him then the internet issue is irrelevant. If you're not, or can't, then it doesn't matter if he stays home and plays video games all day, all that matters is that you sort out the bandwidth overage issues.

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