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Originally Posted by jay84 View Post
Ok I tried that NCIX site, and I got the I5 2400 instead. The final price w/ shipping came out to $727. Im wondering though, do they have financing options?
You will probably pay a bit more from a retailer that offers financing than you would from say ncix or newegg, but if you want a financing option..

I think the i5 2500 is without a doubt the best bang for the buck right now, and the performance will last way beyond your payments. Also, for about $20 more, the i5 2500K will overclock considerably and offer much greater performance. Many motherboards offer simplified overclocking functions.. something you can learn to play with over time.

When choosing your RAM, keep in mind that to get the performance from DDR3 you need to install 3 modules or else they function as dual channel rather than triple channel.

Spend a bit of time researching which motherboard you choose. Once you install your software, say windows and ms office, you can upgrade any component other than the motherboard. If you change the motherboard, you have to buy a new copy of windows and office!

Good luck with your new system.
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Originally Posted by Esc_ View Post
Once you install your software, say windows and ms office, you can upgrade any component other than the motherboard. If you change the motherboard, you have to buy a new copy of windows and office!
This is not quite correct. If you purchase retail versions then a call to Microsoft Product Support will get you new activation keys.
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That's great news NeilN, if they have changed their policy. I remember having to argue with them after having to change a motherboard.

They did provide new activation keys, but only because the motherboard was a defective product. The policy was that a new motherboard = a new computer, not an upgrade.
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if you buy an oem version then yah its only good for 1 configuration. but a retail version is easy enough to get it transfered to a new machine.
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I've never heard of anyone replacing a computer part (that required re-activation), calling Microsoft, and not being granted another activation on a OEM copy of Windows.
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I stand corrected - my versions were in fact OEM. NeilN and redzone are correct regarding the 'retail version'. The full retail versions do allow you to upgrade any component, but they are more expensive.

However, the retailer who is building the computer for jay84 will most likely use an OEM version unless instructed to do otherwise. Even if jay84 buys his own software he stands to save considerable money by buying OEM versions himself. Upgrades are available for both retail and OEM versions and cost the same.

Since jay84 has a limited budget these are all choices he should consider. The money he saves buying OEM software could buy a better cpu, motherboard and more RAM.

Clarification re DDR3: The newer motherboards i.e. Sandy Bridge do not take advantage of Triple Channel DDR3.. so my comment regarding 3 modules of DDR3 do not apply to all motherboards.
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help me with my build

So I am getting close to getting the parts for my build.

Just a quick background I am looking to build a PC for image, video, audio, 3D, and program editing. eg. Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, 3DStudio. I normally get a new PC every 6-7 yrs.. which is why I am willing to spend a bit on this PC.

My budget is about $1500 or so.


Core™ i7-2600K Processor Bundle
Asus P8Z68-V PRO Motherboard
Ripjaws X Series 16GB PC3-12800 Dual Channel DDR3 Kit (4x4GB)
Antec Nine Hundred II V3 Gamer Case
Kingston SSDNow V100 2.5in SATA II Solid State Drive, 64GB
Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black 7200rpm SATA II w/ 32MB Cache
Seagate 2TB Barracuda Green SATA III w/ 64MB Cache
Seagate 500GB Barracuda 7200.12 SATA II w/ 16MB Cache
Corsair TX750 V2 750W ATX 12V Single Rail 60A 24PIN ATX Power Supply Active PFC 80PLUS Bronze
LG Super-Multi 22x DVD Writer, SATA, Black
LG BH12 Super Multi Blue 12x Internal SATA Blu-ray Disc Writer, Black w/ Lightscribe
So I am missing out on a monitor and video card. I have an older LCD monitor and am thinking of getting another as I want dual displays, maybe triple if I have extra $ left.

As for the GPU, I have no idea.. I have been looking up stuff to see if SLI or any GPU has a major effect when it comes to rendering at all.

Also to add I have the SSD and 1TB Black as the OS drives, which on the z68 you can pair up.

Anyways maybe I missed something or people can just throw in their inputs and suggestions.

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Getting new Gaming Computer

Hello all,
I was just looking for some help.
So I know next to nothing about computers and new technologies but I am big into gaming and in need of a new computer. I went into bestbuy and the guy recomended a couple laptops and a desktop...just wondering if you guys could take a look at these and let me know if they are good/bad/ok or if I could do better?

all help is much appreciated!

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Most of the prebuilt computers won't have enough wattage in the power supply should you choose to upgrade your graphics card later (I have on a Dell and a HP but don;t use them for gaming - the selection of graphics cards that work with the 250-300W PSs are limited to say the least.

Most gamers will build a custom machine.
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Please post make and model numbers of product.

Retail links go stale after a few weeks therefore they are quite meaningless.

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The last link is the Desktop and according to HP site. The PS is 460W.

HP Pavilion Elite Desktop Computer featuring AMD Phenom II 1065T Six-Core Processor (H8-1011)

The second link is for the following laptop
HP 15.6" Laptop featuring Intel Core i7-2630QM (DV6-6195CA)

The first link is for the following laptop
Samsung 17.3" Laptop featuring Intel Core i7 2630QM Processor (RF711) - Black
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I agree the only way to go for a gaming rig is custom built. A few problems with that $900 desktop is the slow 5400rpm hard drive and you need to buy a good video card ($200+) on top of the $900 for the pc! If your not up to building your own most computer places will build the computer and install windows for you for a fee ($50 at ncix). I had NCIX do my first build and they did a very good, clean job hiding and securing all the cables.

My essential components for a decant gaming PC:

- intel i5 2500k CPU (any newbie can overclock these to 4ghz plus!)
- any good brand z68 class motherboard
- 8gb ram (more is overkill)
- SSD for OS drive
- any 1tb 7200rpm drive for storage
- any case to your liking
- 80 plus certified 750watt PSU (good name brand only)
- aftermarket CPU cooler
- win 7 64 home premium 64bit
- good video card $200 or more

I just put together in my cart a computer as listed with good brand components, assembled and shipped from NCIX for $895 plus several rebates that bring it down to $850 or so without the video card. Much better than that HP!! Add a 560ti for $200 and you can run pretty much any game out there for $1050!

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LAst time i built my own pc... a good few years ago. I used tomshardware building guides. The would do build a pc for 500,1000 ect ect. And also the chart the heck out of all hardware. So you can pick and choose based on spec and price

Licenced HVAC TECH: "Without seeing your problem i can only offer suggestions, no warranty is included with my advice"
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post #44 of 93 (permalink) Old 2011-11-19, 08:27 PM
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+1 for tomshardware guide.

DJDiggler build seem good.
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My son and I are building a computer for him and I've been watching this thread for a while. So far, we've go the i5-2500k, 16GB Corsair RAM, the Z68-UD3 motherboard, and a Crucial 64GB SSD drive. We're just waiting for the case, PSU, 500GB drive, and a nice graphics card (and for him to save more money from his chores!).

All in all, we'll be in for about $600 for a top notch gaming system running Windows 7 and Mac Lion. I needed the parts to be "mac compatible" so I could have gotten off a little cheaper.

Next job is a mac-mini build for my theatre room!!
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