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Well nice to know they are still going strong in 2012, another call yesterday, that is 3 in 4 days so far.

I keep them on the line as long as possible now, telling them I will start my Computer and to wait until it boots. I then put the phone near the TV and get on with what I was doing, they are gone when I pick up the phone again.
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The easiest way to get rid of these scam clowns is to say you have no Windows PCs and mention Linux. I haven't received another call since.

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I keep them on the line as long as possible now...
Just be aware that if you get a vindictive telemarketer you might just start getting calls at 3AM...

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My wife and I just let our phone's answering machine handle all our calls*. If a caller identifies himself and it's someone we know (or a call we're expecting), we'll pick up the phone; otherwise, the caller can choose to leave a message or hang up.

It's been a very long time since we've talked to someone we didn't want to talk to.

(*On those rare occasion where, for some reason, I pick up the phone without knowing who's calling and find myself faced (voiced?) with a telemarketer, I politely say "Thanks, but I'm not interested" once...twice...and then I hang up.)
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If you actually get the scam and into a Windows focused call, why not just tell him you have Blue Screen or some other real Windows error you remember and try to make them do some actual Microsoft technical support.

I'd start out with "Wonderful.... I'm so thankful you called .... no I can't run your program or see my tray icon because I have this other problem when logging in .... please help".
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^ Haha. That would really throw them off.
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Gee, I wonder if you overloaded them with a whole boatload of "faults" that you're "experiencing", can they actually handle it?

Like start with icons going away, monitor randomly changing colour, keyboard randomly quits.. then work up to the occasional upside down letter (sound calm.... you'll have more effect).

Remember the (now ancient) WordPerfect e-mail that circulated in the early 90's that supposedly took place between an office worker and support, making the user look totally inept.

Well.... Maybe now it's time to turn the tables on these callers.... :-)


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Finally after months of seeing these complaints, I got the call tonight. I have loads of time tonight, so I'm going to screw with these guys (India).

First "Atam", who I suppose screwed up the spelling of his own name, told me he was from Windows Service Provider, etc.. I asked what my computer could possibly have to do with my windows, and I am in perfect health. I haven't had the flu or a cold in months. "No sir, your Windows on your computer, and your viruses on your computer, sir." After playing him for a while he transferred me to "Kevin Jones" who was going to tell me my secret and private license ID. When I told him that I my computer didn't have a license, there was a pause. I then asked for his phone number to call back. Laughter in the background.... Yes sir, 10971097. Hung up. Phone says I had them on for 7 minutes.

Call back two minutes later.
"Hello sir this is Peter, supervisor ....".
"Peter what is your last name and employee number?".
"No my name is Ben Peter, and there is not such thing for me to give you". "How do you link my computer with my phone number?"
"Sir, we are calling to help you with,..."
"Where are you calling from?"
"365 Don Valley Parkway"
I then explained to him that there are no buildings on the DVP, so after being pressed he gave me a phone number 647-754-10xx. Me: "Please hold while I verify your number".

Unfortunately he hung up and I was only able to waste another 3 minutes of his time. I figure, if I'm not busy, the longer I can string this guy along, the less likely he will be returning to "work" tomorrow, if his "sales" don't meet "quota".

I wish I had seen this earlier:
I asked how his family felt about him being a criminal. Do your kids like the fact you are a criminal? Does it make your parents proud? He hung up after a minute or so.
It would be fun to turn the tables on them. "You have been on this call long enough that I now have your IP address of your VOIP call. I will be in Calcutta next week, and I will be happy to detour my trip to visit your place of call, and I will pay the ISP to disconnect your employer if they do not give me your name and address of your family. It is only a matter of time before I should tell all the friends of your parents about how shamefully you disrespect your parents and your family. When I see you next week, how much money can you pay me to not tell me your parents and their friends?"
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post #54 of 74 (permalink) Old 2012-04-03, 08:30 PM
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99gecko, that's awesome. I can't wait for them to call my parents again, hopefully while I'm there!

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I got a strange call the other day from 222-555-7777 It was some East Indian guy asking me if i had a computer? I told him "Yes I have 36 servers running here in my data center" .... he then hung up!
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I strongly suggest that people do not mess with these call centres. I have heard that some people have then been harassed at all hours of the day or night many times by an angry "agent". Remember, they have your number, you do not have theirs.

Simply say not interested, ask politely to be taken off their calling list (which will likely not happen in this instance) and then hang up and hope that you don't hear from them for a long time - remember these are auto dialers.

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Or why not do what I suggested earlier and tell them that you're super glad they called because you have a real computer problem. Tell them you have a blue screen or a constant reboot problem and you're desperate for their help. Read them off some elaborate error code and ask them what to do. They'll then have no interest in continuing the call or calling you in the future.
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I second eljay, as soon as I realize it's a telemarketer talking I just say "sorry but I'm not interested, thank you" and hang up. Hanging up on someone you don't care about has its charm, especially after a tough day!

It irritates a bit more when they call/text to my cell phone as I have a prepaid plan.
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I dunno, I kinda live for these jokers to phone

I had one guy almost convinced to let me remote into HIS machine so I could double check some settings
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I am so looking forward to one of these calls, its seriously going to be fun to mess with them. (One of those fun moments in life at least for me) These calls have to stop as they are offering nothing in return other then attempting to offer you services you need to pay for that don't solve your computer problems. I am not sure if anyone has watched the commercials which claim that there software will solve all the problems and get 300% improvement in speed. Honestly I would like them try and see if it will be as fast as just reinstalling the operating system and starting from scratch
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