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Yes, TV out on the ATI cards is a disaster. One should only use them for VGA or DVI connections.

I had actually seen "OK" TV out from the 6.3 Catalyst drivers but after that, they really went to hell. On ATI video cards less than a DX 9, the drivers were basically crap after Cat 3.1.

On another note, I have also discovered that the EVGA 7600GS AGP is NOT HDCP capable. Neither is the Sapphire X1600 Pro AGP or the ATI X1300 Pro AGP.

With the above discoveries, I will not be moving my HTPCs to HDDVD/BD until it is an absolute must. It might be sacrelige(sp?) to some to say this, but my HTPCs upsample DVDs so well that I just do not see the value in it for me.
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