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With three full-time HD movie channels in the TMN Package, I feel I am finally getting good value. On paper, TMN -- with 5 TMN, 2 Mpix, 4 superstations and 2 On Demand channels -- looks like a bargain. And, of course, it is: 9 commercial free movie channels and 4 US superstations.

The problem is they are all in SD. With three MORE channels (same content, but now in HD), I have something to watch again.

I don't think it's only me: if I have a choice (or think it's coming), I'm not going to watch an SD 4:3 or SD letterboxed and zoomed to fill the screen movie if the HD one is available. Why bother? So now having 3 HD channels from TMN gives me stuff to watch again.

Bravo, TMN!
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