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Originally Posted by agelgamer View Post
Being able to use my XBOX360 as an IPTV set top box and have PVR functionality is amazing. ... I'm currently a Bell satellite owner and I was going to pick up the HDTV PVR box but if IPTV is going to be reoffered in the maritimes, I welcome it with open arms.

IPTV is currently available in Halifax. Bring it back to NB!!!!!
Aliant's version of IPTV cannot deliver a single HD channel, let alone SD PVR or HD PVR service. Nothing in any of the promotions / analyst materials Aliant has sent out even hints at such capability -- and Aliant TV has been in Halifax for about three years already.

I expect you'll see several upgrades to XBox 360 with IPTV before you have a service from Aliant that it can plug into.
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