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Based on what I saw tonight, I think we're in for another 'non-stop, thrill-ride' season of 24, to quote the FOX promo guy. Can't wait for tomorrow night. I too watched an unmolested FOX (Rochester) feed and absolutely loved it--no missed promos, superimposed graphics and fussy viewer advisory warnings after every commercial break. It was perfect!

As for all the concerns about simsubbing, it's all academic after tomorrow night. I took a look at Global's schedule and it appears that with both Prison Break and Heroes set to return next Monday, we'll get a reprieve for 24. Like last year, Global is going to bump 24 to 10pm ET and simsub Heroes (last year it was The Apprentice) at 9 and (sigh) Prison Break at 8. I had a feeling that's what would happen and I thank my lucky stars that there are too many shows and not enough time slots.

So, we just have to get through tomorrow night (which WILL be simsubbed-bet on it) and then we'll be able to experience 24 the way it was meant to be seen and heard beginning Jan.22.

Sounds good to me.

btw-what's with the concern about Global's lost ad revenues because of the long-running NFL game? Unless you work for the network or an affected advertiser I have no idea why you would care. I was delighted when the game ran long. Too bad there aren't any games tomorrow afternoon.
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