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Xbox HD-DVD drive on my HTPC question

I have the Xbox360 HD-DVD drive installed and working perfectly on my HTPC system using PowerDVD Ultra for HD-DVD. So far so good and it looks fabulous on my new 46" Samsung LCD. The PowerDVD software is even working with most of the basic functions on my MS MCE remote so nice little bonus there!

My only main quirk with the setup is that when I pause the King Kong HD-DVD movie (included free with the Xbox drive), after about 15 seconds or so it loads some type of screen saver file from the actual HD-DVD disk itself and I cannot find any way to get it to stop playing and go back to the movie when I'm ready to un-pause the screen. I'm sure it's something silly but this one is completely eluding me. Any ideas? Thanks!

James 8-)
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