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Installing Bell Dish 81/92

Hi long time not on the site, just busy with stuff. Happy New Year to all!!!!!!! Need some help with installing the dish, please. I have dish 500 with dual lnb and build in switch sw21. Can someone please tell me .........can this dish unit be used to get Bell Expressvu 82 sat and 91 sat? Also, what would be the proper settings. I got 91 with some playing around but just can't get 82. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. O, yes the tilt was around 36` and the turn - I don't know the proper term was at 90`. Still I got 91sat not 82sat. I thought once you have 91sat ( 82sat is a given since it has the dual lnb and built in switch 21 ). I don't know gave up HELP PLEASE!!!!!
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