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MAX HD MAjor Problems

Okay,, here's my story
got hooked up on Nov. 17 was really excited about it too after reading all the posts on here,, to that date
Poof that night had to reboot my box 4 times ,, got on the phone the next morning to tech support,,, and so on and so on ,, well I have it it now for 30 days,, and have been on the phone for 28 of those 30 days to tech support,, I even have the number for the second tier support too and phone them direct.
I have heard no mention of the "new" box you speak of.
Yesterday I lost it,, Phoned Mangers,,, cause even the regular MAX has major issues now,,, Pixelation,, alomst like picture tearing on a computer game,, or watching video over the iternet on your PC,,(hey wait,, ain't that what we're doing).... Whala,, tech guy at my door in that raging storm we had yesterday,,, went up the pole,, got a new modem,,, HA!!!!! same ol' same ol'
Here's the kicker ,, the tech guy phoned the local guys in town here,, they told him,, it was cause "Bell's" signal was no good so they were only rebroadcasting what they got from BELL. Well he left to chage some ports on the box down the street from me,, and I never heard from him again. I phoned back and got put thru to the Head Service manager in Regina,, he was all apologetic and such about no reply from the tech service guy, and reitorated the same story about Bell's poor signal,,, WELL,, I am still hooked up to BELL and told him as such and that the signal from bell was beautifull,,,,,, ohh, ummmm, welll,,, we are having delivery troubles but he couldn't find any,,, okay,, this is on my regular MAX service. I was told this too would be sent off to Second tier tech support to run , 'Line Tests'

To change topics, I said your HD service is a JOKE,, right???,, again with the "Umm welll,, haaaaa,, yeah,, well, you see the truth is people have been fired over this", he told me,, "at Alcatel, and Motarola". Sasktel was assured this would all work ,, but in all fairness HD over VOIP,, has never been tried on such a large network as what we have here in Saskatchewan....

LONG and SHORT,, DON'T waste your time or money yet, there are too many bugs in the system, I can't even turn on my set top HD box anymore without having to reboot it,, and now I even have dead pixels on my Plasma screen showing up ever 4th or 5th boot,, which require another boot....( I know what your thinking it's your TV,, well the componet video to my DVD player has no dead Pixels, nor does over the air broadcast, nor does Bell Expressview,, just that damned Motarola Box, and only every 4th or 5th Boot)

OKAY,, I now a long rant, sorry, I look forward to hearing from any of you too,, to rip up what I have had to say,, or agree,,,

untill next time
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