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Chomedey reception results.

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to state that I have the same reception results as most of the other people in Laval. I am near the 440 and Curé Labelle.

I can pull in relatively easily WCAX-DT, WPTZ-DT, VPT-DT but I also cannot get WFFF-DT yet. Signal strength normally range between 60-80% when the antenna is pointed towards Mansfield. I can usually get CBFT-DT, CBMT-DT and WCFE-DT as well without having to rotate the antenna.

I'm currently just using an amplified indoor antenna looking towards Mount Mansfield through a window on the second floor. The signal then goes through my house wiring to my tv and a computer.

The AVS forums discussion mentioned that WFFF-DT is still on a temporary antenna I believe, so hopefully, reception will eventually get easier. I might have been able to only see a 30-40% signal at best.

As far as WVNY-DT goes, it seems I'll have to at least try a proper VHF antenna in the attic before having any chance of getting the signal.
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