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Originally Posted by SamsungFan View Post
I guess one of my motivations for using Sasktel is the fact that the money stays in Saskatchewan and isn't going off to Calgary or Toronto. I have regular phone service an their Extreme HS. I have never had a lick of trouble with either.

I had HS with Access and they were always ragging about amounts of downloads so that got tired pretty fast. I would expect that with this new network that Sasktel is putting in, that we will see all sorts of new offerings in terms of speeds, uploads and downloads. I can't wait!

My only reason I guess for not going to Sasktel for my TV is the limitation in the HD only being on one TV and the previous limitation of only two TV's in total.

I guess what I understand is that this is a new product and as they work to improve their service it will get better. Eventually it will be stable and it will have the features I am looking for and I will probably give them a shot.
thats funny you mention, keeping the money in the province. i am trying to find the article.

but sasktel dumped 22million into a USA based company. ended up selling it for 150,000$

yeah, awsome keep the money in the province company.
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