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How long has HD been available from Sasktel? I was one of the first to get it from Access in Regina and it was a bit of a trial and tribulations thing in the first few months. I would expect that it would get better for those that have the service. I ended up having to get one of the Techs from Access to come out and rewire the two tv's I have hooked up to the HD Boxes and they ran an entirely new line into my residence this spring because the existing line was wearing out or whatever. I would think that by now people would be used to a bit of issue that comes along with having digital TV services of any kind.

Let me know when Sasktel starts to support two HD boxes. I might be willing to give them a shot. I have their internet services as I don't like being 'throttled' when I am downloading 'too much'. No, I am not bitter. LOL!

Anyone know when Access is going to be getting more HD Channels? I am a NFL Nut and would like more games in HD, which I would only get with some HD Time Shifting. Pretty Please? I have been good all year!
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