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so i called max. checking into the HD service and internet, promos etc.

they can only run 7mbit internet and they CANNOT have there max TV service.

if you have MAX HD TV the fastest internet you can via sasktel is there 1.5.

if you have regular max tv you can have internet at 5.0.

plus there is still a $100 cancelation fee of you cancel there HD service.

it boogles my mind. they blew 400 million dollars to get HDTV... yet they cant even run real high speed into a house with it. there are so bandwidth bottlenecked its not even funny.

i cant imagine having anything less than 10mbit for internet like i have at home. i dont understand how people can put up with the quality of the tv service.

everytime im at a friends house, i joke with him about the huge lag between switching channels and if you try and switch 15 channels up at once, i can go to the washroom and come back and its still not loaded
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