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SaskTel - narrow urethra

Originally Posted by adodd View Post
I've had the HD service since the 2nd day. I've also experienced lots of freeze ups. The reset time seems to take forever. Also, the whole 3rd quarter of the Sask/Calgary game was gone. I phoned SaskTel, and the rep just kept saying "Ya, ya, ya, we know". So I'm not sure what's going to be done to fix it. I also noticed that when using the "On Demand" movie feature, the 5.1 sound would start making noised taht sounded like mice skittering around, kind of like a scratching. I had to keep pausing and then playing again, probably about 10 times.

Also, watching regular TV tonight, the sound seems to stop every second, just long enough so you can hear it, like a few milliseconds. You have to turn the channel then turn it back, and it seems to be ok for a bit.

I like the whole package, but I'd like it even better if it worked well. Also, no PVR sucks.

If this continues in the next few months, I'll probably have to complain to SaskTel that I am not getting the service that I am paying for, because I think that's what it boils town to.
You don't have to have HD for these symptoms to show up. I really like the idea of having all my services under one roof, but you have to think that SaskTel is suffering with a narrow urethra. I'm going to wait another month before shopping for another tv service.
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