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WE got HD yesterday, took them 6 hours to install, new port at the switch (???) New cabling from the O/head in the alley to the house. Fianlly at 3:00 my wife said a frustrated good buy. The techs were very nice and very apologetic. Told us that this was a temporary box until December January when it would be replaced. We experienced a few freeze-up last nite. I dunno if this is anecdotal or not but if slowed down in flicking and allowed things to load then the freeze-ups were eliminated. But the kicker is I go to hook a toslink for digital audio annnnd dead air, no sound change cable from the DVD annnnd dead air, changed port on the receiver annnnd dead air, OK so I call tech support annnnnd new set top box. Then I go into the set-up menu annnnd can't adjust any of the display settings.... Sasktel is still on the phone annnnnd another reason to get a new set top box.....

So I am gonna complain as I suggest we all do, and ask Sasktel to extend the High Def promo another month or 4 months after you get the new box that is supposed to work.

I don't like Shaw so I will try and stick it out with Sasktel
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