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With HDTV comes new hardware...

So a week into having HDTV recording off of firewire and I have come to the conclusion that a Radeon 9600XT is just not quite powerful enough to play back HDTV encoded in MPEG2. It seemed to be able to deal with WMV-HD clips from MS but would just not play seamlessly otherwise.

So, I bought an X1300 Pro for the AVIVO capabilities. And with that, I can list off the following hardware as readily capable of dealing with high bit rate HDTV content:

- Athlon XP 2500+ (Recent upgrade from 2000+ courtesy of a dead Epox board)
- 512 MB PC3200 @ PC2700 speed
- 120 GB IDE
- ATI Radeon X1300 Pro 256MB

With the X1300, the main CPU runs at about 25% so I figure that a system as slow as 1.5 GHz or equivalent would be sufficient as long as the vid card was X1300/GF6600 or better.

I never tried HDTV content with the GF6200 but if someone wants me to, I still have that card and will do so if asked. I do not have a 6600 for testing, sorry.
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