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30 min wait seems to be the norm with this company to be connected to their tech support.
try [email protected] for their tech support email. You're correct that they don't provide an email addy.

I have been with them for about 3yrs +/- and found that the actual service is
getting better. Now, if they would only hire people that 1. understood English 2. spoke English!!! 3. improve the wait times to tech support to something reasonable 15 -45 min with a 30 min average, is totally unacceptable!

The product is great especially for the price.

Originally Posted by trellaine View Post
Ok, I don't wanna sound racist cause I don't know who I talk to when calling Comwave in regards to the whereabouts of my VOIP adapter but, "how in the world can companies stay in business when their customer service agents can't communicate in the english language? I am absolutely perplexed. Comwave isn't the only company like this either.

I have a feeling their CS is some far away country. He had no idea what I was asking or saying.

Very frustrating after waiting on my cell for 30 minutes.

Anyone else have similar experiences withe Comwave.

And does anyone know of email contact for Comwave. I can't find any on their website.

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