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Originally Posted by que3jxp View Post
If you know me, you will know that I most certainly will. I started with KnoppMyth due to being in a bit of a hurry to test it. I also wanted to challenge the supposed "easy" factor that is preached. It is not hard for someone that knows Linux/UNIX, but otherwise, not so nice.

I am planning on dual booting my Work system with either Ubuntu or FC5, so I will get loads of time to play with each and then make up my mind as to which one to use.

Where I have firewire working quite acceptably for myself, I am no longer as passionate about converting to Myth but my tinker "gene" is kicking in again so you never know.
Cool. I would recommend Ubuntu for anything but MythTV right now. I initially went with Ubuntu 6.06.1 and had a lot of frustration trying to get MythTV to work well.

MythTV-FC5 is a great combo because of the website I mentioned and the fact you can install MythTV from the ATRPMS repository with minimal fuss. I have yet to find a reliable Ubuntu repository for MythTV anywhere. ATRPMs has a critical mass that ensures issues are dealt with promptly at ATRPMS. And the ATRPMS mailing list is very active and very helpful if you have a problem. I have seen Ubuntu-MythTV repositories come and go with way too much frequency.

I find going with Ubuntu-MythTv means you are on your own. As well, Ubuntu does not seem to release updates to packages that MythTV depends on very frequently. (For example, I had to compile my own LIRC package as the Ubuntu one was out of date and was compiled with way too generic settings to be useful for anything but one type of IR receiver.)

Ubuntu is also extremely slow in release updates with new Kernels. I expect to see 2.6.18 very soon with FC5 whereas I would be surprised to see 2.6.18 within 6 months with Ubuntu. This is an issue as kernel releases support out of the box more and more HD tuners. My pcHDTV 5500 tuner will be supported out of the box with the 2.6.18 kernel... so I will no longer have to worry about compiling support into Linux.

As well, a newer Kernel equals more hardware support for newbies, so more people can try it out without needing to compile drivers for their hardware. (I'm waiting for 2.6.18 in FC5 to see if it supports my AMD AM2 cpu motherboard better to let me finally jump to 64bit with the Athlon 64 X2 4200+ cpu I am using.)

Don't get me wrong though. Ubuntu is really cool and an awesome product. (I recommend Ubuntu over FC5 for anything but MythTV right now.) Cheers.
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