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Originally Posted by Kaphyr View Post
Only a few of them are coded "Copy Once" using the protocol 5C, and those channels can't be capture.
Good to know!

Maybe the software of the Pace 551HD is different
Could be related to using the same software on both, while the PACE 551HD has some particularities...

By the way, when I'm trying to capture an 5C protected channel, I can't see the resolution because it's coded inside the mpeg2 stream. So if you are able to see it with the 551HD, the problem with your capture is not related to a 5C problem.
Well it's CapDVHS that is reporting the resolution on those captures that I can't actually playback.

Also, if you go to the 1394 Information page on the terminal, you can see if it's coded "copy once" or "copy freely".
That's the other problem, as for the SA8x00 series, the software reports the Firewire port as disabled, which it obviously isn't since I can change channels through it. Maybe there are different levels of enabled/disabled... I guess I need to find more tools to investigate some more...
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