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I'm always surprise when somebody say that firewire HD recording is working with the 8300HD. I have been trying this for months and it never worked 100%. With the 3250HD, I can capture the stream without any corruption, so I'm sure the computer speed, drivers, firewire port are OK. With the 8300HD, I can capture stream when the bitrate is below 4 Mbps. Higher than this (like for HD channel), there is a lot of corruption. All the time...

When CapDVHS is crashing, it's because there is too much corruption. With my 3250HD, it never crashed, even with the 17 - 17.5 Mbps stream (like for SRCHD). On the 8300HD, using the direct capture with vlc player, we can easily see that there is some corruption. I analysed the stream and there was just too much data packet missing from the stream. I presumed that the 8300HD was just not fast enough to send the stream correctly.

So, if somebody is able to capture a HD stream on the 8300HD, without any kind of corruption (not just viewable), can you confirm it and tell us what kind of computer/TV/Firewire port you are using ?


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