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Problem with Pace and HDMI... again

There seems to be a lot of problems with Pace terminal hooked up via HDMI.

I've seen a couple of threads on this subject, but nobody seems to be able to provide a solution...

In my case, I just got to the point where I'm mostly depressed

First, the teminal started ignoring the remote. Now, whenever I turn on the TV, the screen is mostly green. It's got to the point where I have to unplug the power cord and reset my terminal everytime I turn on the TV. I got so annoyed with that that I now use the component outputs.

Everything is fine with components, but I would still prefer HDMI. I mean, what's the point of offering a HDMI terminal if the HDMI link is useless? It seems I would have been better off with a SA Terminal with DVI output...

is it a common problem with Pace terminal?

I've tried calling Videotron twice, but I got tired of being on hold. Is there anything they can do about that anyway?

My terminal is Pace 551HD and my TV is a Sharp Aquos LCD.
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