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You can take TCM & AMC off that list as they are now available, albeit only on Star Choice so far.

As for the rest I don't see any of them becoming available any time soon. From what I have found, Oxygen could launch as most of their programs are not available on W or any other CDN channel.

Interesting about the re-branding but I am sure most would not go for that idea. We have enough CDN clones of American stations as is. Not enough Cancon to fill them all.

As for the CRTC, I keep track of these changes myself, they are not listed on the CRTC site. Except for decisions, the pending ones I get whenever they announce a hearing, they list all the applications being considered at that hearing. I visit the site regularly and go to the 'Today's releases' section. (You click on 'Today's Releases' on the main page on the top left corner)

A weird hobby of mine, just thought people might want to know what channels have been approved and might be coming. Most of the applications are crap and won't see the light of day but you never know.

I wonder if Movie News Network will launch, a similar channel in the U.S. is launching soon- Reelz Channel. Co-incidence someone applied for a channel like this here- I think not! Just trying to keep out the American one.
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