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Originally Posted by PlayitSimple View Post

Here are the US channels on the approved list that are not currently available (as you will see, I believe its because they would compete with CDN channels):

American Movie Classics (AMC) [rights issues, has commercials so forget about it I say]
C-SPAN [who cares?]
Comedy Central [competes with comedy network]
Lifetime Television [competes with W]
Oxygen Network [competes with W]
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) [rights issues]
TV Land [Time to put it on and fold the CDN version because it sucks!]

I hope someday Boomerang is added to the approved list, but that may take a miracle me thinks!
Your saying the CRTC has actually apporved those channels and the satellite / cable co's are not carrying them!!! Crazy!

Here is an idea why don't we rebrand everything in the exact same name and format as the US stations but with the canadian content during repeat shows on in the US.

eg. W! becomes Oxygen Canada
Comedy Net become Comedy Central Canada

these stations would follow the US's schedule exactly for primetime / daily / nightly new shows and during repeat zone you filter in the Canadian content.

Where do you go to get listings of pending and recently approved channels, the CRTC website is to mind-boggling to find things.
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