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I'm going to bump this up..

I think there has been another 'upgrade' of the Pace box. Last week I came home from work and the box was reset (on channel 1).

Since last week I've had tons of trouble. Every day now I have to unplug the damn thing and plug it back in to get it to negotiate HDCP. It's going to make me crazy I'm sure.

The audio never works properly - I've got to reset it three or four times before it does that right, video seems to come in usually. Also if I'm on a HD channel and switch to a SD channel (CNN in particular) it goes to stretch mode. I've never chosen stretch mode before and dislike it.

Now, this morning at 6:30am the box was on channel 1 again.. for 20 minutes this morning box wouldn't negotiate HDCP and I was seeing a flashing white/black thing on the screen that I've never seen before. Finally after yanking out the HDMI cable and putting it back in it negotiated.

Is there anyway to monitor the firmware version of these Pace boxes? When I get home tonight if I have more issues - it's time for a less than happy call to Videotron (again).

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