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Originally Posted by que3jxp
Well, I have been dreaming of having a PC run my TV viewing for many years and for those same many years, I have been disappointed in either the costs or the lack of value in the products/software that was available. ...
Same here. I have been through 2 cases, 2 motherboard/mouse combos, 3 audio cards, 3 video cards, 2 wireless keyboards, 2 RAID controllers, several hard drives, two DVD burners and numerous minor components to come up with a decent solution. No commercial DVD software I tried was worth paying for. I use VLC from, not because it is free but because it works better than anything else. Commercial interests have been trying to shut down the VLC project because it threatens their interests. No commercial video desktop or recording software works well. All have shortcomings to this day. I record HDTV over firewire and play it back at full resolution, something that the studios don't like and few companies support, even hardware vendors. Some of the freeware I use is several years old but commercial vendors don't seem so be able to match them, at least not for a reasonable price.
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