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An update

Just thought I would post an update to my adventure...

I have now had the current build running for 3 months and it has been GREAT!!!

I did put the Asus 6200 back in as it is passively cooled and therefore dead silent. The 9600 XT was not. To deal with the picture quality issues of the composite out, I cleaned up all of the cabling in the rear of the equipment and it seemed to all but fully eliminate the issues.

Beyond that, I am now running an 80 AND a 250 GB drive in the box. The 250is a Samsung and it is extremely quiet (Personally own the newest series Hitachi and Maxtor) so if noise is an issue, the Sammy drives will fit the bill.

The other thing that I have done is curse ever using wireless as the connection method. While it will work, it is undependable and when you are looking for a device to just "work", wireless just doesn't cut it. As soon as I can get the fish tape from my father-in-law I will be pulling a new network drop up behind the TV shelf and using a Gig-E NIC.

And to readdress the WAF aspect of these systems, my wife is sanctioning me to build one for the HT downstairs. That is how much she likes the one we have so far. It will be built out of the hand-me-downs from her system as she is asking for an upgrade. It will still be reasonably fast as it is an NF2 Ultra board with an XP 3200+ and 1 GB RAM. When I have it set up, I will repost as I fully plan on setting it up to do the recording over firewire from my 6208 and I am sure there are those here that will like to hear how that goes.
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