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The items you mention are not health scares (at least some of them).

Even newer breast implants need to typically be replaced every "few" (10) years. Also quite a few women had significant problems with the earlier ones. That was definitely not a "health scare" example. It is very real.

I was aware of the DDT issue and potential reintroduction for malaria control. I have several comments regarding that.

1. We are now aware of the pros and cons of the subsance, so we can do a risk/benefit analysis, which was not properly done at the introduction of DDT.

2. Better malaria control is achieved through mosquito netting soaked in an appropriate insecticide, rather than "indescrimitate spraying" of DDT.

3. I have seen many documentaries on malaria control over the past few years.

DDT is not a Health Scare. The environmental hazards have been well documented.

Similar consideration is being given to the reintroduction of Thalidomide, however, it would not be given to women of child bearing years.

The point I'm trying to make is that history has shown us many problems that arise only after years of study and sometimes only after technology "catches up" to be able to measure those effects. In the meantime, it makes good sense to minimize the effects when possible.

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