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HDMI Issues on Videotron


I've got a Pace 551 hooked up to my plasma via HDMI cables...

Now I am trying to get used to this... when I turn on the TV (which is always in Standby) I get the "Your TV does not support HDCP, please use ybr.." connections

Ok, but then after maybe.. 20 seconds or so the screen will go black and come back. It may be my eyes, but I swear the image is better and the message is gone.

Is that the "handshake"? If it wasn't the handshake, would the message stay on the screen? or what would be the implications of it not supporting HDCP?

I have an Akai PDP4273M and I've confirmed the HDMI port is ver 1.1 compliant.

on a sidenote: since I got this cable the image is freakishly better. Even SD channels are amazing... there is a small issue with black levels on the component connections, but that has disappeared with the HDMI cable. SD channels looked "not great" over component connections.

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