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Well, I can say that the composite out on the ASUS 6200 AGP SUCKS!!!

I put a 9600 XT in until the CRT TV in the bedroom gets replaced. Which may not be too long with LCD prices the way they are!!!

Otherwise, I added a couple of Zalman FanMate 2's to the system to "calm down" some otherwise noisy fans.

An option that is out there for those that have a Motorola HD STB...

If the 5C is not turned on and your firewire is active, it is possible to integrate the Firewire out from the 62xx/64xx series STBs with the TV portion of MCE 2005. I have not tested it as this box is not near the HD-PVR, but it supposedly works well. I have posted about it in other threads, but decided to repost it here:

EDIT: Sorry. Wrong Link.

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