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1. Across Canada
Application Nos. 2006-0308-6, 2006-0309-4, 2006-0310-2, 2006-0311-9, 2006-0312-7, 2006-0335-9
Applications by Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. on behalf of its subsidiaries Food Network Canada Inc., Showcase Television Inc., HGTV Canada Inc., History Television Inc., Life Network Inc. and NGC Channel Inc. to amend the licences of the national specialty programming undertakings known as Food Network Canada, Showcase, Home and Garden Television Canada (HGTV), History Television, Life Network and National Geographic Channel respectively.
The licensees propose to make the above-noted services available for distribution in high definition format. The programming would be the same as the analog version of the services.
In The regulatory framework for the distribution of digital television signals, Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2003-61, dated 11 November 2003, the Commission stated the following in paragraph 67: The Commission will permit the licensee of a Canadian pay or specialty service to make available for distribution an upgraded version of the service, provided that not less than 95% of the video and audio components of the upgraded and analog versions of the service are the same, exclusive of the commercial messages and of any part of the service carried on a subsidiary signal. The Commission will authorize such an upgraded version by means of an amendment to the licence of the corresponding analog service.

Food Network Canada HD
Showcase HD
HGTV Canada HD
Life Network HD
National Geographic Channel Canada HD
Forgot History TV

Maybe we see these by the end of the year. Would be great IMO.
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