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I understand there is no app available for blu sky as there is currently for Gateway. Storage for blu sky maxes out at 500 GB unless you rent another box compared to 1.5TB I have currently on Gateway via an expander box. I do not see a reason to switch at this point unless 4K and or cloud DVR become a reality via Blu sky.
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I have always had a hard time seeing how this is any improvement on the Gateway. Now that you say there is no app, I feel even more strongly about it. Man, I use that app all the time! Couldn't imagine going back to a PVR without one. Also, isn't the reason it's not expandable because it supposedly uses VOD more than recording shows? Nice idea, but not everything is on VOD and it seems to be less not more as time goes on. For instance, I wanted to catch up on The Expanse before the new season premiere and I had previously seen that all episodes were on there, but it's gone from the VOD for Space Channel. Seems they also run it on Crave, so viola! it disappears from VOD. There's only 3 series listed on VOD for that channel now. I imagine its the case with more and more shows/channels now. I sure hope they don't drop support for the Gateway anytime soon.
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@kiwi2000 - Correct, you can't add an expander to BlueSky TV like you can on the Shaw Gateway and there is not currently an app to manage recordings. 4K and cloud storage is something we are looking into

@faston - BlueSky TV has lots of improvements over Gateway. For example, our customers tell us the guide and navigation experience is better, Netflix is built in, voice control is easy to use and useful, the equipment is smaller, lighter and quieter and lastly Product Satisfaction scores/ratings are higher. The management of recording by app is something that we are looking at and is something that our customers do bring up to us.

To clarify, you can't record VOD and is unrelated to storage space on the PVR. Some VOD can be found in native 1080p which is not a broadcast standard for live tv. What appears on VOD, when it goes off/unavailable and if it has commercials or FFW limitations are all typically set by the broadcaster inclusive of rights and agreements. For example, SPACE is owned by BELL who also own CRAVE, they may have a strategy to have CRAVE be the go to experience for catch up on The Expanse. This is maybe why not everything is available through SPACE VOD. Everything I've mentioned about VOD and the delivery of it, is the same for Gateway as it is for BlueSky TV. Hope this help.

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Well as someone who is coming off BellMTS TV, outside of the voice remote I'm quite meh about as their "latest" box. It has Restart but u cant go back in the guide. Also no digital audio out.
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I recently switched to the BlueSky Shaw cable box and miss the digital audio out of the Gateway box. I have hearing aids which come with a Bluetooth box to take a digital audio signal and send it to the hearing aids via Bluetooth. I really liked this feature.

The BlueSky cable box does support connecting to some Bluetooth devices but not directly to my hearing aids. The hearing aids are not recognized by the BlueSky cable box pairing function as far as I can tell. I can connect the BlueSky cable box to a pair of wireless earphones that I have so it appears that works for some devices. I don't know whether it is the BlueSky box or the hearing aids that is at fault. I know little about Bluetooth and don't know how universal it is or supposed to be.


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Bell 9400 vs Shaw BlueSky PVR - Storage

Longtime Bell subscriber in BC looking seriously at changing to Shaw (cable) due to Bell's increasing prices. I've already got Shaw BlueSky installed and have been trialing's better in some ways, worse in others...

One thing that will impact my decision heavily is PVR storage space. My 9400's seem to be able to store lots of recordings. The Shaw BlueSky PVR is already showing 6% full with 3 things recorded.
My hunch would be that this due to Bell providing lesser signal quality?

Can anyone confirm my findings and compare the two? Do Shaw's BlueSky's PVR's hold significantly less than the Bell 9400's?
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@camputer : There are a few links in post 1 of this thread, to which your post was moved, that you might wish to read.

They seem to indicate 500 GB storage for each "Box", or up to 3 "boxes" or 1.5 TB. One "box" would appear to be less than the 9400 (which I believe has 1TB), unless you have more than one. One PVR would give approximately 60 hours of HD recording according to several links:

Of course the bitrate can often vary with the provider, with the programme, etc. I suggest you record a long programme, or several long programmes and then see how much space is taken up afterwards to see the % vs amount recorded.

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Thanks 57, will give that a try and test my results.
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My Bell 9400 records approximately 150 hours of HD programming.

It records more if the bitrate on a shows are lower than primetime.

Not sure how big the drive is but it's stock.
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Bluesky might be the first DVR that i can remember that when you hit REC that it does not include the stuff before you hit REC. If I hit REC let's say 15 minutes into a show it should include the 15 minutes I just watched.
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May be off topic so move if appropriate.

A sore point. I have Shaw TV service with two XG1v4-A cable boxes.
I subscribe to CBC News Network but since a week before Christmas I can only properly playback recordings from this channel at regular speed. Trying to FastForward at speed 2 stops playback and FastForward at speeds 1 and 3 don't stop playback but are pixelating (speed 1) or jumping forward irregularly (at Speed 3). There are similar problems with Rewind. After a number of phones to support and many box resets and other things I haven't heard of any resolution to the problem and I gave up phoning 3 months ago.

Unrelated, I think. Last Thursday Aug. 22, I lost all access to recording functionality on both boxes. A service tech that day said he could access my boxes recorded list and future recording lists but I can't.
As of today Wednesday Aug. 28, no change. I called tech support and a service call is scheduled for tomorrow.
I hardly ever watch Live TV now as I like the convenience of watching when I want and what I want to watch of a program. I am not satisfied to try and go back to watching just Live TV.

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Starting November 21, 2019, you can watch Amazon Prime Video from your BlueCurve TV set-top box! Find Prime Video content by searching the BlueCurve TV library, or launching the Prime Video app. Requirements: BlueCurve TV, an Amazon Prime membership and Shaw Internet service.

Prime Video content is available by searching the BlueCurve TV library, or launching the Prime Video app. You can find your favourite shows by name, or go to the Prime Video app to browse. Note: To find all Prime Video content, it's best to launch the Prime Video app first. Not all content is available via BlueCurve TV search (e.g., voice search) quite yet.

Note: Watching Prime Video content on BlueCurve TV counts toward your monthly Internet data usage.

More info:
How To: Watch Amazon Prime Video on BlueCurve TV
Troubleshooting: Amazon Prime Video on BlueCurve TV


Starting October 15, 2019, Shaw renamed BlueSky TV to BlueCurve TV, and the FreeRange TV app to BlueCurve TV App. (Link) I'll update the thread titles.
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