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On the Lake in Oakville

Located on the lake in Oakville, 12th floor apt, have tried several Radioshack antenna and found they needed to be rotated to get TO and Buffalo stations and still had some breakup.... could not get everything by aiming between the two directions.
Expected I might have to use two antenna at 90 degrees but luckily this Wade does the trick. I would recommend it for anyone who cannot put up a tower and are in mid range distance to the source.

Spent $40 today for a Wade SL-4BT and temporarily set it up on a broom on my balcony aiming between Buffalo in South and TO in east and then made my Sony auto program.
All the following came in crystal clear with 5.1 for those who were doing that during that time of the day. Only thing I seem to be missing is Tor1-HD that I previously picked up on 66.1.... maybe aiming at the CN tower might get it, though I'm not really interested in it.

1080i except where noted:

2.1 WGRZ-D
4.3 WNLO-SD 480i
7.1 WKBW-DT 720p
23.1 WIVB-HD
23.3 WNLO-SD 480i
25.1 CBLFT-D
29.1 WUTV-HD 720p
29.2 WUTV-SD 480i
43.1 WNED-HD
43.2 WNED-SD 480i
43.3 THINKB 480i
53.1 CITY-HD

13 stations... not bad.

Now to test the digital audio to see if it solves the sound drops I have been getting on Cogeco.... they like to say it is caused by my amplifier (both of them since I replaced the original with a newer design and another brand)
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