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The Buffalo digital stations "re-map" their digital signals to look like their old analogue station assignments. WIVB-DT is really 39-1 but is re-mapped as 4-1 and also as 23-1 on the signal from the tower of WNLO on Grand Island. WGRZ, WKBW and WUTV also do this. WNED did it in the past but are not doing so currently. This may actually be a good thing. Whenever the analogue broadcasting signals are shut down sometime after 2006, stations could leave their digital signals on their UHF station assignments, but make it continue to look like channel 2, 4, or whatever. The last I heard channels 2-51 were going to be left for digital broadcasting, but channels 2-6 were not recommended owing to interference problems. Channels 52-69 were to be returned to the FCC for other uses. All this being said, I believe that UHF transmitters cost more to run as they require more power.
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