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Wow! Sounds like you are an employee of Rogers there ExDilbert.

Funny thing, we were with Rogers for 9 years and had completely opposite experience to what you state. Same clunky modem, no upgrade. Back then, on the 20/5 plan, monthly data limit 80Gb. So I made the call to Rogers after getting competing quotes and told them what I could get elsewhere. I could hear the CSR typing madly while I dictated what my other offers were. She switched me over to retentions. Same story to that CSR. At the end of our conversation, the CSR apologized and said she was sorry she couldn't meet competing offers. We left Rogers for good and never looked back.

Now a little common sense. Rogers charges what $10/month modem rental? Multiply that by 12 months. $120/year modem rental. Now keep in mind most modems come with a one year manufacturers modem warranty (2 years with TPLink). So if you have to replace a modem at say 2 years, your money in the bank as modems don't cost more than $200 taxes in (non wireless).

Combine this with the fact that a TPIA customer can provision their own modem through their account and presto, waiting for a Rogers tech is a thing of the past!

I purchased a Motorola Surfboard 6141 3+ years ago and it is still running tickety boo. Again, money in the bank not including saving on monthly service charges.

As a Teksavvy customer, my only complaint is with Roger's poor infrastructure. The last tech that was at my house due to low upstream levels told me the infrastructure in our community is in dire need of replacement. When Rogers gets around to that is anyone's guess.

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