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Originally Posted by paxplant View Post
Thanks Rabbit73,
I was wondering about the affect of the nasty looking F/B F/R curve, any recommended cures?
That's not too bad; holl_ands didn't do much better with his new UHF FF-4

I attached the rabbitears info just to add a little humor to your day (I guess it'll work by pasting the link in?).
It works; thanks for the report. I see what you mean; your location isn't very good for OTA reception. You have very weak signals, terrain interference, and trees make it worse.
The channels I can get most of the time are virtual 6 and 54 and I'm trying to add 26 which I can get when there's a low cloud ceiling. I can also get channel 12 but conditions have to be right.
I'm a little confused.

It is the real channel number (also called physical channel or RF channel) that determines what antenna is needed.

VHF-Low, real channels 2-6
VHF-High, real channels 7-13
UHF, real channels 14-51

The virtual channel number (like 5.1 or 5-1) is a holdover from the analog TV days to maintain the identity of the station, and is what the TV displays. By convention, the virtual channel number is given in the decimal form to keep it from being confused with the real channel number.

I may come back later and add a separate VHF, but for now this is the best I've been able to do with a simple 4 Bay bowtie with a flat screen grid tweaked for 557, 569, and 575 MHz.
557: is real RF channel 28, what callsign do you mean, WJBF?
569: is real RF channel 30, WAGT ?
575: is real RF channel 31, ?

Virtual 6.1 is WJBF ABC, real 42, moving to 28 during Repack phase 8 1/18/2020 to 3/13/2020
Virtual 54.1 is WFXG Fox, real 36, staying there
Virtual 26.1 is WAGT NBC/CW, staying on real 30
Virtual 12.1 is WRDW CBS, staying on real 12; you will need a very good separate VHF-High antenna
Very constrained on mounting location/height and by dense 100+ ft trees from 95 deg to 225 deg and another stand of trees from 270 deg over to about 70 deg. I've tried several time for the stations at ~ 222 deg but guess I can't get past the edge of trees that are blocking that direction.
Not good; trees block TV signals.
Siting the antenna
scroll down to Trees and UHF

Umm, do you have cable in your area?

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