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This is a combination of the holl_ands FF6 for UHF NEW UHF FF6 No Refl - OPT and the nikiml GHnrw for VHF-HI nikiml's Antenna pages - "narrow" GH4 VHF-hi antenna. However, this is not a combo antenna, it is two separate antennas with two separate baluns that share a reflector. Total size is 68" tall and 70" wide. The FF6 sits 4.5" away from the reflector and the GHnrw can sit 10-15" away from the reflector (it's up to the builder). The graphs below show the effect that the GHnrw-to-reflector spacing has on raw gain and swr in both UHF and VHF-HI bands.

Measurements are here: nikiml's Antenna pages - Geometry viewer

36' HD8200U-KT200-HDHR#1067A7DF / 33' DB8e-CM7777-HDHR#1067A183
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