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You don't need a Core2Duo to just do recordings a single core is fine. As Footand Mouth said you just need ethernet.

However, there are a couple of issues if you are using the same box for Sage and live TV.

The first is that channel changing is relatively slow. If you look to just lean on the Ch Up and Ch Down buttons all the time then you will be frustrated.

The second issue is that you will have recording conflicts. You will not be able to watch one show and record another.

A third issue, which is much more minor, is that even if you are watching live TV in Sage at the end of every show, typically every 30 or 60 minutes, there will be a slight blip as Sage stops one recording and starts another. This is because with a PVR you don't really watch LiveTV, you are always watching a recording. But the way that Sage does this is by creating separate files for every TV show rather than always running a buffer the way that TiVo did or some other PVR software.

The solution to the above three issues is to never watch Live TV. I don't and I am a big sports fan. I will start watching an hour or two into a hockey or b-ball game and just skip through all the commercials. The one exception to this may be the Masters this weekend as there are no commercials.
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Hi guys, I'm having a heck of a time getting my new Hauppauge HD PVR to work with SageTV or Mediaportal. With Mediaportal I get to the point where it's time to do the channel scan, but it doesnt find any channels. I can't understand how it could scan channels through component input anyway. SageTV doesn't even recognize the HD PVR as an input device. Has anyone out there managed to get this to work? Am I missing something big? Maybe it's Vista 64 that is the issue and I should try it with Vista 32, although Windows 7 RC1 is being released tomorrow...

Any suggestions?
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PS. My ultimate goal (i.e. the reason I bought the HD PVR) is to stream TV across a network. Apparently there is a Windows Media Centre "fix" too, mentioned previously, but that doesn't work for me either.
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I had no issues getting my HD-PVR to work with Sage running Vista x86 (although my two HD-PVRs are now running on a machine with WHS). I am assuming that the OS sees the HD-PVR - ie. it shows up in device manager? You may want to contact Sage tech support - they are very good and get back to you very quickly.
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wealthyfriends, the 1st time I setup SAGE with the Hauppauge HDPVR I had the same problem: blank screen. I didn't plan on installing the Totalmedia theatre and Totalmedia extreme programs. Once I installed the Arcsoft software, however, the channels appeared to perfection. My operating system is WXP Pro not Vista. I also use the USB-UIRT which Sage recognizes out of the box, once Windows drivers are installed for USB-UIRT, of course. I'm having few if any problems with the system now.

Maybe that'll solve your problem. It's worth the fuss for the results you get.

BTW, I have found the picture on my 50 inch plasma looks better through the HDPVR on PC than it does through the Shaw 6200 cable box alone. The video card on the PC might be the reason, partly. It's not high end but an EVGA 8400GS 512mb has newer rendering features for gaming, sometimes overkill for HDTV.

Good luck
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I've been using the HD-PVR with Sage for about 18 months now from when they first came out.

I just did a rebuild of my Sage server using WHS and would make a strong recommendation for that OS over any of the other Windows OS's -- but that's another story.

So, for your HD-PVR install -- I'd recommend using the new Beta driver (1.5.6) on the Hauppauge website instead of the driver that comes with it. The new driver fixes some issues recording 5.1 audio on Bell HD receivers (DishNet actually, but Bell uses their stuff). You also need to install the ArcSoft TME software as Sage uses the ArcSoft codec for playback of the HD content. That codec will need to be installed on any machine where you want to watch the HD content.

Steps are -- Plug in HD-PVR. Install Hauppauge driver. Install ArcSoft TME. Ensure that HD-PVR is working by opening ArcSoft TME and doing a test recording/playback. Then set up the new Video Source in Sage.

Also note -- make sure your audio and video connections connect to the Inputs on the HD-PVR not the outputs (not that I would ever make this sort of mistake myself :-) ).
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Originally Posted by wealthyfriends View Post
PS. My ultimate goal (i.e. the reason I bought the HD PVR) is to stream TV across a network. Apparently there is a Windows Media Centre "fix" too, mentioned previously, but that doesn't work for me either.
PS. My ultimate goal (i.e. the reason I bought the HD PVR) is to stream TV across a network.
Assuming that this "network" is a LAN and not the Internet -- Sage does this extremely well. The most reliable, trouble free playback approach would be to get the Sage Media Extenders (HD-200 is their latest). Network cable to your LAN, HDMI or Component and Optical to your TV/Receiver and you've got HD content streaming around your LAN. Sage has a nice out of the box interface or you can improve it by installing the SageMC package and really make it look sexy. Otherwise you can use Sage clients, but need to be prepared to play around with codecs and be certain that you've got lots of CPU power and RAM for clean playback.

If you're streaming across the Internet -- Sage can do this with their Placeshifter, however, it's still pretty iffy as your server has to Transcode the HD video into something that can stream (or you need a big honking upload connection from your ISP if you stream without transcoding). The Transcoding effort tends to max out my dual core CPU and really makes streaming HD content impossible.
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For MediaPortal, there is a thread on the MediaPortal Forum entitled "initial support for Hauppuage HD-PVR." It's pretty much required reading to get the HD-PVR working with MediaPortal. The later posts concerning the 1.0.1 release are most relevant. Installing the HD-PVR software is a good idea since it provides a working codec and is a good way to verify that the hardware is working. The CoreAVC codec can also be used but costs US$15. MediaPortal does not work well with the latest Hauppauge drivers. The slightly older versions (1.1) must be used. (Hauppauge has had a lot of problems with their newer drivers and pulled a 2.0 version just after release.)

I had no issues with SageTV. It pretty much worked "out of the box" but I decided to use MediaPortal due to cost.
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I have a HD-PVR with my Sage and a extender thus far. I have everything working BEAUTIFULLY except the remote that came with the HD-PVR. I'm new to the HTPC game so it takes me a while to wrap my mind around how everything interacts with each other but I'm getting there. Anyway on the the questions!

The included remote doesn't have any sort of indicator to say it's working or has power. Any neat tricks to test if an IR signal is going out?

I used the Blaster Config that came with the PVR and when I use my mouse to test it, it turns my Bell receiver off/on and changes the channels but the actual remote does nothing. Should the remote work out of the box once you have Blaster Config setup? I haven't even gotten to the point of trying to get it working with Sage or with my Harmory. That leads me to my next question.

I already preemptively setup my Harmony and it too does not do anything when selecting the power button (or any button). I assume if the Hauppauge remote was dead it would be no big deal as I can still use the Harmony but....not having much luck at all with the remote.

Any tips would be appreciated.

One point of possible interest. When following the instructions for setting up the remote it mentions selecting the "on/off" button with your mouse to test the Codeset. That button is greyed out to me but the "Test Next" is selectable and if I hit it, it cycles off/on as per normal.
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"Any neat tricks to test if an IR signal is going out?" use any video camera and look at the ir end of the remote with the lens and on the camera screen you will see a white light if the ir is sending so test each button while looking at your view finder and you will see if a button is stuck or if the remote is DOA

TBD yet again :)
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Doesn't need to be a video camera. Can use a digital (still) camera with an LCD screen. You'll also see the IR if it's there.

57's Home Theatre (Latest equipment & photos)
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For those looking to use the HD-PVR with Windows Media Center it is possible and quite easy to do with the new DVBLink package that has been released as a beta.

It allows you to use your HD-PVR as a tuner in Media Center for Windows 7 but it is configured as a satellite tuner. Regardless of the implementation, I have been successfully recording HD movies with 5.1 sound for over a week without any problems.

I then transfer these recordings to the Recorded TV folder on my Windows Home Server and they are available to all other PC's on my network. Once the Xbox 360 receives an update to play .WTV files (or I choose to convert all recordings to .DVR-MS) then I will be able to play these recordings on my extenders as well.
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How is it setting up the guide data? I've seen the instructions for doing the import, but I'm wondering what happens with the guide data if you have a digital cable STB (SD), which is configured normally, as well as a HD STB, which has to go through the HD-PVR and the improvised guide data. Have you tried this?
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I don't know if I fully understand what you are asking but the guide data on Media Center does need to be configured outside of Media Center and then imported using the Configuration application that comes bundled with the DVBLink drivers.

DVBLink uses xmltv to grab the required guide data and then you sync that with the Media Center guide. It's actually better than just the Media Center guide on it's own because you can exclude the channels that you don't subscribe to from your provider. xmltv grabs the data the same way that Media Center does because you select what provider you have the same way you would in Media Center and xmltv grabs it.

If I were you I'd read through the instructions on how to install and configure the DVBLink software. However, I will still try to help out as much as I can.

Oh, and recording commercial-free HDTV movies to my WHS is amazing. I have over 20 recently-released movies recorded in the last week with excellent video and audio quality that play on all my Windows 7 computers and Xbox 360 Extenders.
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Let me see if I can phrase this properly. That last post wasn't very clear.
I have an Adaptec dual tuner that is connected to two Rogers SD STB's. No problems, Media Center recognizes them, guide data is downloaded, all is well.
If I add the HD-PVR (connected to a Rogers HD STB), and go through the required hardware setup and external guide setup, will I still be able to setup the guide for the two SD STB's? It sounds like I might get the SD guide OR the HD STB guide, but not both.
Thanks for your help, btw. I've been struggling with this for a while.
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