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recording tv newbie

building my new htpc case next week
my reciever is the onkyo tsr803
and star C dsr-505
i am useuing component out and ins for everthing then component out to my tv..

looking at a capture card and going to be running vista mc

the card/s i was looking at is the
happauge WinTV-PVR-350
happauge WinTV-PVR-150

is there anythign different between these 2 cards ? other then dual tuner ?
i do need the remote for mc which i think only comes with the 150 card thats y i am leaning towards it ... ?

Q #2

what software will i be useing to look through all the channel guides ?
the one built into vistas mc "watch tv"

or software that comes with the capture card above ?

it would be nice if i could do it all through media center in vista....

i guess thats it for now i been trying to read and follow all the recording info on this forum but i have never used tv capture b4 so really trying to figure out how it all works , as for vido out i was gonna pick up the bfg 7300gs of card and use component out of it to my reciver..

thanks for any input

oh .. does mce in vista "watch tv" or whatever its called support starchoice satellite tv ? have to pay anythign to get the guide up there or anything like that ? ,.,..


oops , is that video card ok for resolutions on my samsung dlp 50" ?
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The guide will be completely through Vista. It should support StarChoice, BEV, cable, etc. - I believe they get the data from Zap2it. It works by using an IR blaster to control your satellite box - you will hook up the s-video out from your satellite box to your TV tuner card. There is no charge for the guide and I quite like the guide - even compared to TiVo. IMHO it is miles better than the guides on cable boxes and BEV (I haven't used a *choice box) and Vista's guide is transparent I believe - which is better than XP MCE 2005 which I am using.

I would suggest the PVR-150 MCE card - it comes with the remote as well as the IR receiver and blaster and works quite well. If you want you can replace with a unified remote such as a Harmony, or one of the fancy new remotes coming out in the next few months that will work especially well with Vista's Sideshow feature. BestBuy had them on sale for $99 not too long ago.

But keep in mind that you can't watch one channel while recording another unless you have dual tuners on your satellite box, or you get an additional box to just use with the PC.

That is my setup (with cable) - I have an HD box connected up to the TV and an SD box hidden away that is connected up to the PC. That way you don't get conflicts between watching live TV and recording another show. SD boxes are very cheap so that doesn't add much to the cost of your overall setup.

Remember that you won't be able to record HD - the only way to record HD on a PC is with an OTA tuner. Depending on where you live that may or may not be an option.

You should be ok with that video card - I have a 7600GS. It can be a little tricky to get the component out to work properly - one thing that I had to do was uninstall all video drivers, and hook up the component from the PC to TV. Then boot up with ONLY your TV attached, no monitor and install the drivers and configure the video card. It takes a bit of playing around and you may not be able to run all resolutions on your TV - I have to run mine at 1080i and it is very hard to see text on the screen when in normal windows - it is not a problem in Media Center. If you have the option I would suggest using the VGA, DVI or HDMI input on your TV.
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i called happauge today and they said that the pvr 350 isnt medis center compatible.

i may look at the 150 instead...
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help with new setup please

i ordered all my parts for my 1st htpc case jsut wondering how exactlly to set it up.
CASE= silverstone lc16 which has the VFD imon and remote.
Keyboard= the ms media center keyboard with remote and reciever .
Capture Card = happauge WinTV-PVR-150 MCE-Kit which has remote and reciver

what remote do i use for all of this ?
i will be running it all under vista .

i have also heard of software called FrontView for Windows Media Center. i think this software replaces the imon software that is in my case if i follow it correctlly

also the GB-PVR software is this used to see my channel listings from my satellite provider ?

I am hooked up with canadian satellite called starchoice which i would like to have setup for recording shows. most of all i wondering what software and remote i use for everything so it all works with my satellite and getting the guide from the internet

also 1 last Q , is there any pci cards i can use instead of the dsr 505 reciver for starchoice i am a legit sugbscriber
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is there any pci cards i can use instead of the dsr 505 reciver for starchoice i am a legit sugbscriber
NO, all the sat PCI cards are DVB protocol while *C is DCII and there are NO cards for that type available.
In addition, none of the N.A. providers support authorizing these types of cards like several in Europe do, even if they may be technicaly compatabile.

The legitimate use of a PCI DVB card is typically for Free To Air signals that consists of mostly foreign language and religious broadcasts.

On the dark side 1 each of the U.S. & Canadian providers uses compatabile technology, 'nuff said.
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Just to be sure, here are the parts you're going to need:
- your *C set top box(es)
- a microsoft IR receiver (probably came with the Hauppauge kit)
- a microsoft IR blaster (plugs into the receiver)
- a microsoft MCE compatible remote control (probably came with the Hauppauge kit)

Connecting the STBs:
1. Connect the SVideo-out and the analog audio out from your set top box to the inputs on your Hauppauge tuner card.
2. Connect the Microsoft IR receiver to the PC via USB.
3. Plug the IR blaster into the IR receiver, and stick the other end of the IR blaster onto your set top box directly over where it would normally get signals from the remote.

Configure the TV in Vista:
1. Ensure that the drivers for the Hauppauge card are loaded (probably came directly from windowsupdate on Vista).
2. Launch Media Center
3. Navigate to Settings, TV, Configure your TV signal
4. Follow the prompts to get the set-top box working with media center, this will involve using your old *C remote for just a bit so that MCE can recognize what kind of set top box you have. Once the training is done, you can put the *C remote in a drawer somewhere, you no longer need it.
5. As part of this wizard, MCE will ask you for your postal code and set up your guide for you via the internet.
6. Once it's all set up, I would recommend going into Settings, TV, Guide, Edit guide and removing any channels that you don't subscribe to. Using the curusor keys and/or the MCE remote you can leave the cursor hovering over a checkbox for about 5 seconds and it will attempt to tune to that channel so that you can easily see if you can get it or not.

Setting up your VFD (so that it displays useful information on the case):
1. Install and configure frontview. I don't personally use this so can't coach you on it.

What remote to use:
You should now use the Media Center remote control and/or MCE keyboard to control channel changing. MCE will take care of changing the channels on your *C box.

PCI Cards for *C:
Unfortunately no, the best you can do is capture the SVideo from your STB. Blame the cable and satellite companies, they don't want to allow their digital signals outside of their equipment.

No, this is a piece of software that competes with MCE. You don't need to use it.
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thats exactlly what i was after pnear ty so verry much , if by change u have messenger pelase feel free to add me [email protected] i wont ahge all my parts for maybe a week or so but just for odds thigns would be great to have a lil backup in the setup thankyou
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If you need any more info, post back here and I'll help you out (PM me if I don't respond quickly, sometimes the email notifications don't make it to me in the forums).

In theory things should work well for you. With Vista Premium, all of the software you need for MCE is in the box. The only difficulty can be, for now, drivers. The hardware you've mentioned so far should be fine, but you never know what sort of hassles you might end up with on the other components (sound, network, motherboard, etc).

Good luck!
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ok ty verry much appreciate the detailed info on this setup verry much.
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ok i got my setup fully working
i got the 150mce card , ms remote with blasters and reciver, connected up with starchoice satellite
video card is the Evga GeForce 7300 GT

also got legit copy of vista install and running smooth.

evertying working 100 % except 1 thing..

on all tv channels my shows look like there in 4x3 mode.
my sat box (dsr-505) is set to widescreen

in vista mce i have selected tv , widescreen, component, ect

i have tried all the settings 480i 480 p 1080 ,720. ect.. none of this makes it go full screen , i also tried selecting dvi,vga as my connection even tho i am useing component out ... still no changes .,

on my sat box i have a button the front which i have also changed , with no luck from 0000 1080 720 ect...

only thing i think i could try is the 4x3 overide settings in the satbox's setting

i have trid difrent versions of drivers as well with no luck and also tried changing desktop resolutions ., right now my desktop is set to 1176x864 anything more or less i get my desktop cutoff

the only way i can seem to get a full screen in mce is it i use the zoom setting ,zoom 3 looks the best to me. but i know i am still cutting off a lil of the picture.

same with my desktop at the res i am missing a verry verry small amout of my taskbar , i can live with it ,

my tv is

native resolution is 1280 X 720 (at windows if i use thiis res my desktop is way off ) so i have to stick with 1170x664

Display Format 720p

as far as all my settings go is this setup corectlly ? i dont get y i have to stretch the screen to get it correct

on a sidenote i could go dviout to my tv , however i wasnt able to get my desptop resolution anything close to normal like i can with component cable, also have vga on tv but i think i will loose alot of quality that way.
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