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post #76 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-05-25, 01:51 AM
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Well.........yeah budget is an issue. I'm not interested in spending more than $200. Yes i'm currently deciding on a 500gig hard drive from ncix or else a case. (gotta take it one at a time).

I really like the Silverstones........however I see those Nmedia's....and features like the interior section for the mce receiver are high on my list.

Basically I am just looking for something that is decent quality......and looks good.
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This is what I used, I like it.

It has a piano black finish and pretty good design.

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post #78 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-05-25, 11:09 AM
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Man, those Origen cases are nice.
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post #79 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-05-25, 02:00 PM
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I picked up an NSK2400 from Canada Computers yesterday and hopefully the Biostar T7050 arrives from NCIX today so I can build my htpc.
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If you want a case that looks right at home with other home-theatre equipment, I would highly recommend the Silverstone LC11 series. It's really thin, but is surprisingly roomy inside. I've got the LC11M-S (silver with VFD), but Canada Computers has the black non-VFD model in stock for a really good price.
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post #81 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-05-26, 12:12 AM
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I considered the Silverstone LC11. The big issue with this case is that it is supplied with an AGP riser for the video card. This will not work with the ASUS A8NVM motherboard since the video is PCI-E. (A PCI-E riser may be available as an option.) Also, only certain motherboards will allow use of both the the video and PCI riser. It looks like the ASUS A8NVM may be Ok here. Careful planning is required with this case. If the PCI-E video riser is not going to be used or the PCI-E riser can be obtained, it is a nice case option. I would plan on upgrading the video at some time in the future.

BTW, nice choice of motherboard.
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Originally Posted by que3jxp View Post

That is a sweet case. It is the upgraded and fancified version of the NSK2400. If I redo my downstairs system, I will likely use a fusion case.
What sort of info can you get on the display if you use Vista (or MCE)?

I take it with the volume knob I could use it like an analog A/V pre-amp?
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post #83 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-05-28, 11:26 PM Thread Starter
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What sort of info can you get on the display if you use Vista (or MCE)?
Not entirely sure but I am sure that it would look cool no matter what one gets to run on it.
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post #84 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-05-29, 08:48 AM
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I bought an nMedia 280 & I'm very happy with it. Lots of fans, quiet, the MCE IR receiver can be mounted inside, came with a display & looks pretty good. Black, too. I paid under $200 from DirectCanada. If you're getting parts from NCIX, you could get it from there & save on shipping.
I had to use my old PS, though. The 400w PS that came with the case is a high-efficiency & my system doesn't pull enough amps on startup to get the PS working. I don't have a video card, so that would've helped.
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HTPC have evrything, but need help with CPU + MB

Wanted to say hello to everyone, and compliment this forum, alot of good info.

I just need some advice on MB and CPU, there seems to be so many differant opinions out there, can someone limit it down for me and my requirments??Thanks ahead of time.

I will be using the HTPC for ......
1. Surfing the net
2. playing downloaded movies from the HDD to my 1080p Sharp Aqous LCD

Those are my main uses. My parts list so far.....

Memory------ Kingston 1GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory 240-pin DIMMs

HDD---------- Seagate 300GB Serial ATA/300 16MB Buffer

Power--------Coolermaster RS-430-PMSR/P eXtreme Power 430W

Video card----EVGA e-GeForce 8500 GT 256MB PCI Express Video Card w/DVI

I know I need a Dual core but would this be a good choice?

I also need some motherboard advice. A lot of these can be overclocked effiecently from what I have been reading too. For the MB I was thinking of getting one that supports 5.1 surround and has optical out to run to my reciever.

Let me know what you guys think, This is the only section that I dont completely understand yet. Thanks Fern

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post #86 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-07-18, 06:43 AM
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So you want to surf the net and watch movies...why do you want such a fast processor? Dual cores are cheap these days but not required for what you want. I'd get one anyway because they are cheap. Same with the video card. The one you quoted would certainly do the job but it's overkill. I'd save the money and get a bigger hard drive and nice HTPC case.

As for motherboards, I read a review on an ASUS model that has onboard video with HDMI out and SP/DIF via coaxial out. Seemed quite nice and only 90 bucks CDN on average.
Check it out below.


I have a basic Gigabyte MB with component video out with an AMD64 3000 and 1 gig of RAM. THis works fine for me and I'm watching movies and surfing the net. I can also play a few games but nothing intense.

Good Luck,

Panny TC-P60GT50, Vizio SB3651-E6 Soundbar, Harmony One, Android Box
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The M2A-VM HDMI should work fine. I would use an AMD X2 EE series processor. These have significantly lower power requirements than earlier single processor CPUs. I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ EE (65w) processor. It is fine for an HTPC but some HTPC software could be a little faster. They are now available in 4200+ and 4600+ versions. Current prices are about $90-$150.

You might want to read this thread, this thread and this thread.
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post #88 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-07-19, 07:11 AM Thread Starter
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I have just recently gone to a M2A-VM HDMI with a X2 EE 4000+ and I am very happy.

I will add my experiences to my "My HTPC Building Adventure" thread but I simply have to say that this is a great mATX board and with a bit more powerful CPU, it would easily make up for any shortcomings of the onboard video that may crop up. (Not that any have hit me yet but I don't have a 1080p TV or HD-DVD/BD.)
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Why do HTPC cases cost so much.

I am trying to find a cheap case for a HTPC system that I built out of spare parts.

I need it to fit an AXT board and power supply sit horizontally with the DVD drive sitting the proper way and would prefer black.

I'm not being to picky but can't find a cheap one. I can find all kinds of cases that would work for $50 as long as I don't need it to sit horizontally but as soon as you add that to the mix everything jumps way up in price.

Does anyone know where to find a cheap case?

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post #90 of 340 (permalink) Old 2007-07-19, 01:01 PM Thread Starter
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Originally Posted by chadsfake
Does anyone know where to find a cheap case?
I hate to be so helpful, but nope. HTPC cases, even cheap ones, are still no less than about $100.

I struggled with this issue for over a year and simply gave up. I went sorta cheap on one case and I paid for it in that the custom to that case power supply died. I replaced it with a good mATX case from Antec that does not have a custom power supply and I am a LOT happier all the way around.

My other HTPC system has stayed in a classic beige tower as I am just too cheap to spend the nearly $200 on a good full ATX capable HTPC case.
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