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Roku - Any difference with Canadian hardware?

I'm planning to get a Roku 2 XS to use with to set up a US Roku account.

I see that has these for C$91.98 right now. This is $18 less than LD or WM and only C$2 more than at BB in the US. The listing specifically says "Canadian Version". doesn't ordinarily say "Canadian Version" on their listings, causing me to wonder whether there is a difference from the US version.

I read on another site that even with unblock-us and a US Roku account that some US channels might be blocked. The speculation was that the Canadian serial number might somehow limit services.

I would prefer to get this from in case I have any problems with it. On the other hand, a friend is going to be in the US next week and can bring US hardware back for me.

So does anyone here know whether a "Canadian" Roku with unblock-us and a US Roku account is fully functional?

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although i cant comment on the roku from experience, i recently bought a wd live(similar product) and I use unblock-us for pandora and netflix. It worked fine for netflix. The trick for me was that i set up the dns stuff before doing the firmware update and then i had pandora as well as netflix. I know a bunch of other people have had issues with this and apparently the canadian model is a different serial # but realistically i doubt they manufacture any hardware differently just for canada.
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I read further that when one "registers" a Roku device with the service, the service reads (or maybe the user enters) the device information. The information number identifies the nationality of the model.

I ordered the Canadian version from, then jammed out and cancelled the order. I went back to my plan of having a friend pick up an XS for me in the US.

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Here is another question, but flip it. If I order a Roku from the States and use it in Canada will it work properly with the services offered in Canada?
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I was just talking to the roku live support 2 days ago. They told me that only the Roku2 XD and Roku2 XS (the canadian versions) are the only ones that do canadian netflix. I don't know if this means they exclude the US netflix software, or any other US content software like hulu that you would possibly be considering with over a VPN.
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That doesn't make sense at all (wrt Netflix). Once you install the app, when in Canada it shows Canadian content and when in the US (whether physically or through unblock-us) it shows the US content. I use American bought Roku's (including the Roku 2 XS) on an almost daily basis.

One thing to know about Roku as a company is that they have terribly weak technical support. I know as I've tried dealing with them on a number of occasions. They outsourced to a call center in India (don't take that as being racist - it's just a statement of fact) where the CSRs seem to have very little training or understanding of the devices. Very very poor support knowledge and language barrier communication issues. Again, not racist: a statement of fact - you can hire good quality overseas support or poor quality overseas support - roku has the later.

A better option is to join and post in their own support forums. There are a number of their California engineers and senior support staff contributing there so I think you have a better chance of getting good support from the knowledgeable users and staff over there. Save yourself from the frustration of the poorly trained CSRs through the normal channel.

Back to the question though: both an American and Canadian bought unit will work fine for Netflix on either side of the boarder. Hulu & Amazon might be a different issue. However it's not as much where you bought the device but where you activated your "roku account". If they *think* you have a US roku account it will download apps like Hulu & Amazon. Not so if you have a Canadian roku account. So to re-iterate I think it's to do with where your roku account is homed that will effect those US services but either way Netflix will be fine.
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Roku 3 Channel Line up

Hi, new to the forum. Bought a Roku 3 in March down in the US and am setting it up here in Canada. I have set up my router so that it looks like my Roku is in the US (DNS server entries). It works as I get US Netflix. The issue I have is that the channel line up does not show Amazon Video On Demand as a channel option, which I want to use my Amazon Prime membership. Any ideas what the issue is? I am out of ideas. Thanks for any and all help.
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brownstar is right - you must create a Roku user account *after* you have Unblock-US or similar working, and setup the Roku account with a US address. The country of your Roku user account determines which channels you see in the Roku channel store.

I have a Roku 2 (bought in Canada) and just added a Roku 3 (bought in the US) and they're both working fine this way.

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Thanks for confirming the Roku3 works up here. I am wanting to get one as well. Do you know if Roku 3 works as setup as a Canadian Roku? A friend of mine wants one really badly but doesn't want to set it up as a U.S. I am puzzled as to why they aren't available up here yet.
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I'm in the "bought in a US, US based account, use in Canada" boat as well.

I doubt we'll see the Roku3 up here anytime soon. First of all they don't even have in store inventory in the US yet. Secondly since they don't advertise up here and the functionality of the device misses several of the killer apps up here I'd imagine that outside of the people in these forums, they sell at a snails pace. And because of that they probably have a tonne of inventory of the older modules to get through first.

Plus keep in mind that they're cheaper in the US. The 2XS costs $109 here while you can get the 3 for $99 there, or the 2XS (which is still an awesome device) for $80-$89 with a 6ft HDMI cable included at most Costcos or Sam's Clubs.
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^ Further to that, keep in mind that we never did get some of the models here such as the cheap $49 LT which is pretty popular with the people I know in US. So who knows if they'll ever sell the 3 here.
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as long as we get the newer UI on roku2 I'm cool with never seeing the 3
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^And you will. By a month from now we'll probably all have it.

Bottom line is that the 2XS with the bluetooth remote is still a great device. Maybe even better for traveling as the 3 doesn't have the old RCA outputs (although almost all hotels have LCDs with HDMI these days).

The only key advantage of 3 is the headphone remote. The 2XS I'd still recommend to anyone. Though as I've pointed out: buy it in the US if that's at all possible.
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Other than price is there any real advantage to getting the 2 in the U.S.?

Does the new U.I or the 3 have more flexible IP address settings? I was pretty ticked at the lack of settings trying to hook it up to a hotel's wireless Internet. I ended up using good ol' Windows ICS to share out the wireless on my laptop and hook the Roku up to the ethernet port.
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