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Hey bob,

What I'm thinking with the eyeTV dongle is it gives me the ability to sit in the highest room in the house with the antenna to play / tweak for the digital channels. My Panny Plasma is in the basement, a long ways away and I'm not ready to decide on running cables just yet I don't have a tv I can bring up to the spare room with an ATSC tuner in it.

I guess my other option is to pick up an HD Homerun Single for $79 and setup a little test network in the spare room. I'm trying to avoid cables in the house and keep the cost down in the short term. Plan can expand in the spring for sure.
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I'm very interested in your project, bucketo!

Posting here to ensure I keep up on your developments, since I'm also interested in dropping Red cable for OTA, supplemented via the internet.
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been looking into lowering my rogers bill also. my digital vip service is included in my condo fees, but, im thinking of dropping the movie network package ($17) and switching to after paying for a proxy/vpn service i think id only save about $10/month.

trying to decide if it is worth it.
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post #34 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-01-21, 02:15 PM
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A good quality VPN service alone will cost you more than $10 a month plus Netflix and you're paying more than a movie package.

Even a mediocre VPN service will cost you $5 to $8 a month.

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post #35 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-01-23, 10:40 PM Thread Starter
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Location: Kanata, HDhomeRun Duel, EyeTV 3.0, macMini (2011)
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Well it'll be a week tomorrow since we cut the cable and I have to say so far so good.

* I missed throwing Sportscentre on in the morn before work but soon found alternatives - ipad sports apps etc.
* We've blown our 95 Gb limit with Rogers this week. This includes a lot of Netflix time from the xmas holidays so we really won't know what our true usage will be w/o cable until next month. We spent a lot of our free time during the holidays with Netflix
* Hulu Plus is getting a good work out on the PS3. The only real drag in this area is CBS is not a Hulu partner and not all Hulu shows can be streamed to the PS3 that are available on the website... There are enough for it to be annoying.
* With the advice of a few guys in this thread I did a massive amount of OTA research and got my big toe wet with it. I've posted details over in the OTA threads:

* The only time the Rogers set top when on this week was for my wife to watch recorded shows and I checked in to Setanta on the weekend. Our cable doesn't officially end until mid Feb.

So it's going good. I think we're going to be fine, can't see us going back, we're actually having fun getting it all setup. Interesting enough, Netflix USA is what's actually getting most of our primetime "hours" now. My sports fix was attended to by CBC HD OTA on Saturday for hockey and tonight I had CTV OTA on to watch the NFL games. We're going to use CTV OTA to record as many of the CBS shows as we can as they aren't big on the streaming from their website (last 1-2 episodes only, no hulu etc). Our tv watching schedule is quite erratic so websites that only have 1-2 recent episodes doesn't really work well for us. That's where Hulu Plus comes in, fair amount of the shows have all the current season available, as does Netflix of course.
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Originally Posted by ScaryBob View Post
You are probably correct about that. Two HD streams might not be possible even with a wireless N router.
G can handle 1 stream (you really only get about 20-25mbps out of '54'g), N should be able to easily handle 2, with a conservative estimate of 50% available bandwidth on half-duplex mode (75mbps).

And before anyone says 'no, G won't work', I have an HDHR. and I've streamed every channel without issue. Good quality signal and hardware are required, but that shouldn't be an issue if you're buying new.

Remember, you're not streaming the uncompressed video data (like an HDMI cable), you're streaming a max 19.4mbps MPEG2 file.
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post #37 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-07, 03:57 PM
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Thumbs up

Well you guys have inspired me to cut my cable as well. I have until the 14th to enjoy it. Then it will be unfamiliar territory as I have had cable for the last 17 years.

I have rough plans to infill with OTA, ATV2 (Netflix) and websites but nothing etched in stone. Before I called I felt like I was a junkie trying to quit. All sweaty and nervous. Videotron (my drug dealer) tried their best to keep me with a $150 credit. I feel cleaner already.
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post #38 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-07, 04:04 PM Thread Starter
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Totally hear you on the analogy! haha. Our cable finally goes away officially next Monday. I've only used it a couple times on the weekends for Setanta (which i'll sub to online after next week)

We've been using an OTA antenna to record shows off CTV with much success. It covers about 30% of the shows my wife watches.

Netflix (usa) is filling in the "entertain me" gaps that cable tv used to. My wife also uses hulu plus to watch her favorite shows like Bones and House.

I think she's actually more excited about the whole experiment than I am. I guess I can stop calling it an experiment as we're not going back to traditional cable.

One thing I did learn this week is if you cancel your cable and then try to sell a Rogers box that you've owned, you actually can't take the box off your account until the cable cancellation goes through. I ran into this on Friday and they won't let me take the box off my account so the purchaser can activate it. He has to wait until my cable officially cancels next week.

I told Rogers to make a note on my account that this is another reason I won't be coming back - all the red tape.

Keep us posted in how it goes
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post #39 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-07, 08:51 PM
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Keep in mind that almost all of the Local TV Netowrks have online streaming as well..

Any idea what you bandwidth usage is yet, as i am considering it as well..

Even if i move to the unlimited business internet (for $124 a month with a commitment) it's may be cheaper than Cable and Extreme plus.
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post #40 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-07, 09:28 PM
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Bucketo I will.

I might pick up a DVR. Heck when I sell my PVR it should cover the cost. The networks web portals are pretty lean. I doubt they will ever deliver anything close to HD online. I was checking out SNL on Global and it was pretty poor. But it will do in a pinch. Or until I am setup better.

I also have plans to pick up Teksavvy cable so I will have a better cap (90GB) for flixing.

I am not a sports watcher (occasional hockey on CBC or Olympics). Both I will be able to get via OTA eventually.
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post #41 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-08, 07:48 AM Thread Starter
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Location: Kanata, HDhomeRun Duel, EyeTV 3.0, macMini (2011)
Posts: 359
In our first month w/o cable our bandwidth usage was 140 Gb. On our 95 Gb plan that equates to a $50 usage charge. That 140 Gb is a lot of Netflix in HD, a fair amount of Hulu Plus via the PS3 and a bit of streaming right from the network sites.

I now have some recordings coming off the OTA antenna and my wife is starting to watch them so we'll see this month if the bandwidth usage levels off a bit.
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post #42 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-08, 09:46 AM
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bucketo, maybe you should look for an unlimited internet plan. For now, no one knows what will be the final governement and CRTC decision on the matter.
But for sure independant ISP will remain cheaper than the big ones.
For example, my current plan is $30 for unlimited at 5Mbps (enough for streaming). Moving to an indy ISP would also be another slap at Rogers for their always increasing costs and out of proportion overcap internet usage.
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post #43 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-08, 09:55 AM Thread Starter
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Location: Kanata, HDhomeRun Duel, EyeTV 3.0, macMini (2011)
Posts: 359
Yup, it's in the plans. I work from home (hardware VPN into work) so I have a setup that is a bit unique that I need to make sure the company I replace Rogers with will work.

I need 2 public IPs, one needs to be static for work. With Rogers now I have 2 and they only change when my mac address of a router changes (ie, I swap a router out). So while they technically aren't static, they rarely change.

I've called a couple indie guys that are currently in the area (teksavvy coming soon) and they say I would need a business account to get 2 (or 1) statics. What I need to do is talk to a 2nd level person at these places to go over my setup. I'm not running a business from home, just connecting to one at work and have my home and work networks split on 2 public IPs.

The other issue is I can't have downtime. I've read anywhere from couple hours to horror stories of days and weeks before issues were fixed up.
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post #44 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-08, 10:12 AM
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My provider offer static IP at $10/month and service is without any interruption in my area. A know they provide some area in Ontario,
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post #45 of 108 (permalink) Old 2011-02-08, 10:27 AM
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On our 95 Gb plan that equates to a $50 usage charge.
Teksavvy sells a 200GB and an unlimited cable plan but availability is very limited, so far. Assuming UBB plans remain the way they were in the recent ruling (a worse case scenario), an extra 120GB over 5Gb DSL costs $14.25/mo for a total of 145GB and $46.20. That's not as fast as cable but is fast enough and a lot cheaper.

At 20 I had a good mind. At 40 I had money. At 60 I've lost my mind and my money. Oh, to be 20 again. --Scary
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