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post #31 of 460 (permalink) Old 2010-11-14, 03:46 PM
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Peter any update on this? It sure would be nice to get Netflix working in 7MC in Canada.
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post #32 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-04-05, 10:57 AM
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location: canada.
tuner: haupage 1250

just installed the tuner, and busted my buttons for many hours fiddling mce/qam. so frustrated I added only the one fix for Canada, and ran setup and low and behold...mce found digital. I want to thank you for this Pete. and piss on microsoft.
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post #33 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-04-05, 11:08 AM
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Tweet Mcrosoft Canada about your feelings regarding this, I have. Companies seem to be paying attention to this new media way of communicating.
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You're welcome. ;-)
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post #35 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-04-17, 04:05 AM
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It was hard to believe that I had to run a hack to get Win7MC to recognize my ATSC tuner card. But, it was easy to find and it works. Thanks!
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post #36 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-04-29, 03:53 PM Thread Starter
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Please note that the articles referenced in this thread have moved to a new home in the Windows Experts Community.

Enable ATSC & QAM in Canada for Windows 7 Media Center:

Add Multiple Guide Listings to Windows 7 Media Center:
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post #37 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-04-29, 04:01 PM
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I was going to go through this again soon, since I seem to have lost my OTA functionality ever since I have removed my 2 combo tuners (HVR-1600&HVR-1800) and replaced them with a single HVR-2250 (dual hybrid tuner).
I may need to make sure the tuners are gone for good in the devices, anyone feel free to suggest a tool to manage to remove the old tuners I removed from this PC. I can recall using 2 1600s and 2 1800s in total...
I'll also be adding a 950q, should I be installing it before re-running the ATSC hack ?

(Sincere thanks to you, Peter, for keeping these instructions accessible. Your past instructions have been invaluable as far back as when I was using XP mce)
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post #38 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-04-29, 04:25 PM
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The driver software you get for the HVRs has a HWCleanup.exe or something along those lines that totally gets rid of the drivers and prepares the system for a fresh install. I would recommend using that It was worked well for me in the past.
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post #39 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-05-20, 11:16 PM
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Guys, don't you think it's intentional (the fact that Microsoft disabled ATSC for Canada)? I mean it's not even a source code change for Microsoft. It's just a configuration fix so if they wanted to enable ATSC for Canada it would have been done long time ago. I still cannot get what could be the reason behind it.

Now, most interesting part comes on September 01, 2011, when Canada switches to digital broadcast. After that date Media Center becomes complete trash for Canadians. But I still don't believe they are going to enable ATSC. If Microsoft could hold on to all complains for so many years without bending, they will continue doing it.
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post #40 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-05-20, 11:22 PM
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I have to agree with you. Nevertheless, Microsoft should make it part of their next TV Pack; do it, now that virtually all analog broadcasts will cease in september.

I'm not holding my breath or crossing my fingers. Sad...
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post #41 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-05-20, 11:31 PM
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tweet your concerns to Microsoft Canada, I did. It's worth a shot. If you don't tweet then try to email them.
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post #42 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-06-27, 12:00 AM
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hey guys,

I am having issues with adding US guide data to WMC using windows 7. I setup as a US setup to get the guide ID, then I re setup as a canada location. I changed the atsccustom with the guide ID, but when I run the USguide.bat it errors and says the file already exists.

Where is the file located that I need to delete? I have tried rerunning a complete setup and no go.

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post #43 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-07-09, 12:30 AM
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Does anyone know where this duplicate file is located? I searched my c drive and nothing.

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post #44 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-07-10, 09:27 PM
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I recently had a mechanical failure in the system drive of my HTPC. When I did a fresh install I decided to setup WMC differently. Instead of using the hack, I ran setup while routed through a VPN (effectively a USA ip address). Everything works beautifully (2x digital and 1x analog tuner). Once setup is complete WMC will behave normally with guide updates, etc with no need for VPN.
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post #45 of 460 (permalink) Old 2011-07-11, 05:30 PM
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As you may remember I live in Scarborough but have MC setup as if I live in the US so that I can get all of the US online services like Netflix, Hulu, etc (I use unblock-us{dot}com as an IP spoofing service). I want to use your hack in reverse to get Rogers digital cable guide data into my "US" system.

I have two tuners (OTA and PVR-150 connected to a Rogers digital cable SD box) and I ran TV setup in Win7 MC where I entered a Zip Code from Lewiston, NY. The OTA lineup is perfect, including Canadian and US OTA channels. But my cable lineup is all screwed up as MC thinks that I have Time Warner Cable - although the IR blaster does work fine to change channels on my SD3200 cable box.

Is this all I need to do to get the Canadian guide data into MC:
  1. Swap the US and CA codes in the Registry lines in the xml file.
  2. Changes the "Subscriptions" argument to be a Rogers digital cable lineup in my area.
If I do this will I now see all of the Rogers digital Canadian channels in the lineup?

Do I not have to do any sort of initial setup for all of my TV lineup? Or is that what the TorontoGuide.mxf file (or whatever city) actually does? Does this just add the new lineup to the existing lineups or does it replace other lineups?

Does this mean that I manually have to map all of the hundreds of channels that I receive - ie channel 407=TSN, channel 221=Treehouse, etc? That will be somewhat painful - any idea if there is a way of automating this using a batch script and a text file that I could create from Rogers' website of the channel listings?

In your "Add Multiple Guide Listings..." writeup you mention Guide ID 189833220. Is this the correct number for Rogers Mississauga? I guess I can use this for my lineup as all I need is the guide data, not the channel assignments which I have to enter manually. Is the number in the ATSCToronto file (189852674) the number for Rogers Digital Toronto, etc? If not would you happen to know the Guide ID number for a Rogers lineup in the Toronto area.

Would you recommend that I nuke the Time Warner cable setup (so that I don't have hundreds of unused channels in my system)? If so would you happen to know how to delete this or is it painfully obvious?

Is there any quick way to delete all existing channel mappings for my cable tuenr? I have downloaded Guide Tool which looks like it may help at doing this.

I guess your USGuide.bat file also runs immediately due to the schtasks.exe /run /tn ATSCImportToronto line, correct? This will allow me to immediately see if the process worked.
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