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I've basically been limiting the investigation to 4 bay hoverman style or butterfly flat panel for outdoor installation. Trying to get at least a 15.5 dbi UHF and 9 dbi VHF. Frequencies possible at the installation site are limited to 202, 557, 569, and 557 for the target peaks. Many mods I see float a bunch of NARODS that model well but I've yet to see where someone was actually able to build one the would hold up to the weather. About the best I've been able to do with the hoverman is a solid +/- 13.5 dbi UHF and ~ 8.5 VHF which hasn't provided the 90% reliability I'm trying for. With the butterfly I can get 16 dbi at the UHF frequencies but trying to figure out a buildable scheme to integrate VHF has escaped me. Many limitations at this location eliminate double bays or extremely long antennas as well as height over about 20 ft.
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