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Michael DeAbreu
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A year ago I tried to Kodi with NextPVR but couldn't get it to work. Maybe I've been more motivated since the end of WMC. So far, NextPVR + Zap2xml has been a less functional, but satisfactory replacement. It works quite well without the Kodi or another fancy front end.

I think that the WMC hack I'm using has prevented any Win10 updates since my original install of v1703. Or, it could just be a problem with my Dell Studio XPS 8100. Anyways, the Creator's edition is past it's end-of-life support so I want to upgrade the OS which will probably kill the WMC hack.

It bothers me to scrape Zap2It for the EPG. But I am a cheap bastard. Normally, nextPVR updates the guide every night. I setup a separate task to run Zap2xml every 5 days to politely limit the number of requests. Hopefully the sudden influx of WMC orphans doesn't spur then to shutter their service.

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