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At any rate Null_Packet, I think the entire guide software needs a major overhaul. It is very annoying when you're scanning the channels and the little banner appears at the top that describes the program plot, and then the stupid thing disappears after 8 seconds and displays the cast of characters??!! We all need to be speed-readers!! To finish reading the plot, you must press the Info button, which displays the program description two font sizes smaller.

I switched from Cogeco cable. At least their guide only displayed the plot, although you often had to expand it too if you wanted to see the rest of the plot description. The nice thing about their guide was it would also tell you the Season and Episode numbers in the series. With this dumb guide, when I multi-record and go back to watch the shows, there's no way to tell which episode you should watch first, other than the air date - and that's not always reliable. A lot of series contain an ongoing plot. Season and Episode numbers are a must!

I don't suppose there is another guide we can use, besides the crappy Bell default guide?
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