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Arris VIP 2502 questions

Hi everyone, I'm new here. Glad to have found this forum!

System details
  • Hub 3000 modem, Bell Fibe PVR, Arris VIP 2502 remote receiver. My house is a bungalow about 70 feet long. The modem is on the main level, the PVR is in the basement, and the VIP 2502 is on the main level about 50 feet away from the modem. The latter two are separated by two drywalled walls - no ducting or heavy wiring in the way. The PVR in the basement is lightning fast. There is virtually no lag.
  • The VIP 2502 was suffering from severe lag through the WiFi connection, so I abandoned the WiFi connection and used a Cat 6 cable instead - direct to the modem. The Guide and PVR are now displayed much quicker, as are the station changes and selections.
  • My internet speed is measured at a little under 1 GB up and down - do no issues there!

I have Netflix. It works perfectly when viewed from the PVR. The screen refresh is instant - no fuzziness while the show is still loading and the series episodes don't automatically start playing after the last one finished. These are my Netflix preferences. Meanwhile, the VIP 2502 is slow to load, is fuzzy for the first 10 seconds of viewing while the internet feed finishes loading the show, and a new episode starts to play right after a 20-second countdown. In other words, the VIP 2502 doesn't recognize my Netflix preferences.

Is my VIP 2502 defective? Changing from a WiFi to wired connection has made it almost as fast as the PVR but the Netflix issue remains. The reason I think something is wrong is that I had trouble getting the wired connection to work (big surprise - I've read a lot about this nightmare!!). Bell sent a service tech in and we got the wired connection to work and Netlfix behaved as I wanted. The Cat 6 wire was just run through my hallways for that test. After I saw that the connection worked, I ran the cable through my floor trusses. Now, it's not working as expected.

Does anyone have any experience with this remote receiver and Netflix?
Is there a specific way to boot the VIP 2502 so that is works?
Should I just get Bell to replace this? It's a rental.

Many thanks for your help...

- Lee
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