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Instead of Alligator Clips, perhaps you need something more permanent, such as fol. "Split Bolt Connectors", suitable for AWG14 thru AWG8:

Alternatively, you might want to try some "T-Tap Splice Connectors", such as following [up to AWG10], which I only saw coming with a MALE SPADE type connector. At your local Auto Parts store, perhaps you can find some with a CRIMP type connector (instead of Spade Lug) for improved reliability. I would also recommend that you wrap the connection (and Baluns) with electrical tape to immobilize them so they don't move in the wind. [Use micrometer to measure your Antenna connector Wire Size to determine a compatible T-Tap size....apparently only available up to AWG10.]

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:

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